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Frotting and Circle Jerk Gay Pictures and Photos
Frotting and Circle Jerk Gay Pictures and Photos
Frotting and Circle Jerk Gay Pictures and Photos
Frotting and Circle Jerk Gay Pictures and Photos

Frotting and Circle Jerk Gay Pictures and Photos



Men and women, woman and woman, man and man … sex comes in a lot of different packages.



There is no such thing as gay or lesbian or bisexual.

Transgenderism is butchery to the human psyche.

We are all just sexual beings. We love to fuck in whatever way we choose. And at different times we will choose to fuck or not to fuck anything we see fit.



– SEX Of Every Description Was Normal In Different Areas.


– Sex Was Almost Taboo.

… sinful, and cynically speaking, … only decent if you fucked in the missionary position.





The Wickedness Of Christianity Has Consumed The Western World

The links below describe in clear detail how the start of Christianity came about.






The Dutch Flag

July 23,2022 – Show Your Support

Saturday 23th July Rally in Amsterdam. Farmers demonstration with massive support from the people.



A Fair World Order … A New Multi-polar World

The End Of The World Economic Forum Is Right Before Us.

The War In Ukraine Is The War Against Tyranny And The Deep State.

The Elite and TPTB Are Going Down.


Russia Has Initiated The End Of The Corruption And Lies Of America And The EU


Stopping The Robbery And Power Over Our Paycheque

Whenever you buy something


Put an end to digital money … the money we spend with our credit card and the money they’re going to try create … CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currencey)

Frotting and Circle Jerk Gay Pictures and Photos
Frotting and Circle Jerk Gay Pictures and Photos
Frotting and Circle Jerk Gay Pictures and Photos
Frotting and Circle Jerk Gay Pictures and Photos
Frotting and Circle Jerk Gay Pictures and Photos
Frotting and Circle Jerk Gay Pictures and Photos
Frotting and Circle Jerk Gay Pictures and Photos
Frotting and Circle Jerk Gay Pictures and Photos


Frotting and Circle Jerk Gay Pictures and Photos
Frotting and Circle Jerk Gay Pictures and Photos
Frotting and Circle Jerk Gay Pictures and Photos
Frotting and Circle Jerk Gay Pictures and Photos
Frotting and Circle Jerk Gay Pictures and Photos
Frotting and Circle Jerk Gay Pictures and Photos
Frotting and Circle Jerk Gay Pictures and Photos
Frotting and Circle Jerk Gay Pictures and Photos

102 Replies to “BLOG”

    1. The video is from 2018 when Xi awarded Putin a friendship medal, which should leave no doubt in anyones mind that China chose a side a good while ago.

      During their recent meeting they agreed on “increasing the use of “local” currency, Chinese state media said. The Kremlin was more explicit in stating that the yuan and ruble already account for two-thirds of trade deal payments between the two countries.”

      In the end of the meeting these word were uttered “Right now there are changes – the likes of which we haven’t seen for 100 years – and we are the ones driving these changes together,” Xi told Putin as he stood at the door of the Kremlin to bid him farewell.” The Russian president responded: “I agree.”

  1. Just an observation…
    for over a year now we have repeatedly been seeing, hearing, saying and thinking the phrase “the war in Ukraine”. But with a small adjustment we also have the suggestion of “the war i-nuk rain”.

      1. The husk that is acting as the acting President of the United States right now said last July we’d use force to stop Iran from obtaining a nuke.

        Supposedly, they are just getting there right about… Now.

      2. Marquis.. it seems so. I started watching what was going on between Israel and Palestine after the E Palestine Ohio event. Netanyahu is bat shit crazy and obsessed with destroying the Palestinian people. has a story “Hamas warns any change in al-Aqus status will rock whole region”. Remember, this is the dome of the rock. In the last couple days their has been a large increase in the number and intensity of the eq’s in Alaska and 2 volcanoes have become active.

        Israel is calling on his people to demolish the al-Aqua mosque during the holy month of Ramadan which begins 3/22 and is the spring equinox. If the dome of the rock is destroyed the 11 western states are next as they are one and the same.

        The US and Israel (same thing) have threatened Iran for some time now. Iran and Iraq, if I remember correctly, suggest reincarnation. The death of the old system and birth of NWO ??? If I have any of this wrong Bryan, please correct. Ukraine is significant and is flushing out the KM but may also serve a dual purpose as a gigantic smoke screen.

        Bryan has done a lot on the symbolism of Solomon’s temple/dome of the rock/ 11western states/twin towers, 9/11…… maybe we need to keep an eye on ol Netanyahu also! Gezzzz, no wonder my hair is turning gray.

        1. Also, had an article
          “If they make a mistake the Islamic Republic will destroy Tel-Aviv and Haifa”
          One wrong move and Khazarian Nazi heaven will reach ten thousand degrees in the shade with rented nukes.

          The US has already developed a plan for war with Iran. So nuk-e Iran is in play with everything else.

  2. Kion – Something big is happening right now. Russia attacked Ukraine. It’s going to get bigger from here on in.


    1. Yup. And as this happened, the bank collapse Kion mentioned is rippling thru the US economy.

      You are both right here.

      The US govt is about to go bananas. Pentagon UFO chief the other day claimed there “might be” an “alien mothership” in our solar system that may be probing planets with balloons. This was the same day Russia launched the offensive.

      Silicon Valley Bank collapse and the Signature Bank collapse are the second and third biggest bank collapses in US economic history, both within days of each other.

      So you have banks of both coast collapsing and Biden getting in TV to tell people their deposits are safe.

      The US has curiously backed off of outright demanding other nations stop their dealings with Russia…somethings brewing. Some shit stew, most likely.

      1. Also note, the US voted 419-0 to “investigate” the origins of coronavirus and our political wing nut politicians have done a 180 and are now placing the blame for COVID solely on Fauci and China, when we created, funded, and released it.

        These are all things that have happened within the past week.

        The banks of California are also eroding right on time with the banks of the world. It is extremely symbolic that the first ripple would start in the Silicon Valley, no?

        1. Sorry for the comment flood, Bryan, I’m just from this area of CA and left as soon as the COVID fiasco because I knew what was coming because of your blog. Don’t know if you’ve seen, they’re having serious levee problems there now. They’re beginning to break. And the ground won’t take the water fast enough.

          The city of Pajaro(near Santa Cruz) is flooded right now and another atmospheric river is on the way.

          1. All this…just in time for the third anniversary of the US shutdowns.

            The bank collapse was on the day the shutdowns truly began in the US…3/11…which is also the same day Fukushima was hit, 9 years prior(12 years now). 3/11, I was watching the NBA and Rudy Gobert had contracted COVID supposedly Shut the whole league down. It was the first major thing in the US to close.

  3. Kion – Something big IS HAPPENING! Russia launched the beginning of their attack on Ukraine. It’s going to just build from here on.


    1. I get that but what happened to everything else you wrote in the blog. I’m taking about the finanacial meltdown here in the US. In fact, Silicon Valley crashed 66%. Wow what a great number. I want to hear more than the whole Ukraine thing, as significant as it is.

      1. Kion – Everything hinges on the Ukraine war. The US financial system is going to collapse because of the war. The US will accordingly respond with maniacal actions. Which might include setting off Yellowstone, or maybe a giant tsunami. Who knows. You have to understand that the Ukraine country is the heartland of the Deep State. They were even doing work there on the Covid thing. With at least 26 biolabs there, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that something sinister is going on there. Ukraine is home to the Khazarian Mafia, which is the original name of the Deep State hundreds of years ago. What your seeing now, is the land of Israel are not really Jews, except for about 4% of the population. About 96% are Khazarian Mafia goons, who call themselves Jews but have nothing to do with Judaism. They hide behind being Jews and if you say anything negative about the Jews you are an anti-Semite. All a big lie. They started this Jewish business around 1242 (or near that date). So everything hinges on the Russian action on the Deep State country of Ukraine. When it falls you’ll see many things happen in quick succession. (A few short years that is … about 5 to 10 years.


        1. Bryan, did you hear about trump is going to be arrested . And guess what, he’s holding a rally in Texas (Megiddo). Could this be the battle of Armageddon unfolding? Trump supporters say that they will rebel, something massive is coming.

          1. Kion – I heard about the arrest. Although I also heard that his rally will be in Waco TX. Do you have a link?


      2. The war in Ukraine IS the financial meltdown in the US.

        Other nations are seeing the US and NATO are a complete and total paper tiger, and that there is no need to listen to their threats of military force, which is pretty much the way they’ve created such an empire, through forcing the trade of oil in dollar bills upon the whole world(and thus the dollar becoming the world’s reserve).

        Many of the nations the US has “manufactured consent” (lied) to go to war with simply wanted to trade oil for gold or a currency of their own choosing and we wouldn’t allow it. Iraq we gave them chemical weapons and then invaded them to find ’em…Afghanistan, we said Bin Laden was there, when Obama said he’d go get him in Pakistan debating McCain in 08(of course, he was dead anyway, it’s all part of building a story).

        Now, there are nations on par that can combat them militarily. I don’t even think the US could actually win a nuclear conflict with Russia, but they could probably prevail against us.

        Consequently, the US is isolating itself with every unhinged action. We blew up a pipeline that was going to keep millions upon millions of our own allies warm for decades. We forced many of them into poverty. I say we, but it’s this goddamned yolk on my back.

        Who would want to do business with a nation as unhinged and psychotic as this??

      3. Kion – The Ukraine war is everything you should follow. It doesn’t seem like it now but in a few months you’ll see. Trump and the Deep State won’t even play much of a role in all this. In fact, it is very possible the financial system worldwide will collapse and as much as I like Trump he really won’t account for much in what’s happening. America is now diseased nation and the laughing stock of the whole world.


        1. Brian, this is it. The drum beats in the valley of decision are getting stronger ! Holy shit you were right on everything. I’ve followed for years now. Trump is holding a rally in WACO. Where a stand-off had ensued between an anti gov cult and the federal government. The subliminals are so strong in this, that it’s actually manifesting. The battle of Armageddon is at the ready.

          1. Trump(at the rally), regarding how the “deep state” has tried to crush conservatives.

            “…But they failed. They’ve only made us stronger. And 2024 is the *final battle*, it’s going to be the *big one*. You put me back in the White House, their reign will be over and America will be a free nation once again.”

  4. hey, Bryan.
    Looking for your input in regards to the Canadian gov having access to all the health info and an app so you can verify it. Distraction or you think there control of all our movements is actually going to come to fruition?

    1. Todd – It’s all distraction of course. In the next year or two, not only will the Canadian government not be very able to control … but they might just be on the verge of some sort of collapse. Everything going on in government is just a “HOPING” things turn out okay. But there’s no way they’re going to be even able to respond to all the chaos coming their way.


        1. Kion – it looks like the Russians might hold back on their big push into Ukraine. They don’t want to excite the American politic to go ahead and push the nuclear button. So it seems they just might continue their “meat grinding” of the Ukrainian nazis. They are having great success with the “meat grinding” approach. It seems that so far about 250,000 Ukrainian nazis have been killed and about half a million wounded. Unbelievable numbers! We’ll just have wait and see what Russia does, … and looks like more of the same until it isn’t.


      1. thanks for your thoughts. this shits starting to get to me. I hope your right., and ya. something,I’m not sure what but , my spider senses are tingling. just a very nervous feeling

  5. Hope you are doing well Bryan.

    It has been a very long time – work has consumed a lot of my time, on top of studying, so I seldom have time to delve into the shitshow going on now.
    However, I do feel the intensity building – especially after that Turkey quake.
    Things are about to go down real fast.

    1. Hadrian – no doubt the intensity is building. Watch the next couple of months or so … it’s going to take the world where it’s never been before. And then there will be about 2 years of more of the same in varying degrees. Make sure you’re all prepared for the crap that’s coming.


      1. Brian, have you heard about the news about the train derailment in Ohio ? And it doesn’t stop there, fires have been breaking out at factories/ plants all across the USA. Is something in play here ?

        1. Kion – yes, there is something in play. The PTB are building distractions so we forget about the war in Ukraine, which Russia is going to win absolutely.


          1. Brian, it seems like the global economy and the US are collapsing as we speak. This is all part of the luciferian “currency” plan to enact the big one earthquake and flood. I think something big is coming

          2. Brian, it’s happening, get with it because all the stuff you wrote in the blog is coming true, Ukraine or not, something is coming, the battle of the Armageddon will involve Trump and the deep state. The economic collapse is here.

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