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Page 115 – Wag the Dog

Revelation 1:7

“Behold, he cometh with clouds; and every eye shall see him, and they also which pierced him: and all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of him. Even so, Amen.”

King James Version (KJV)

The word “CLOUDS” in this verse refers to a “COVERING” in Hebrew text.

This would imply, something is hidden, kept from view and kept from being recognized. Even though “every eye shall see him”. This is the “COVER STORY” we see so often with politicians, bankers, and all the crippled intellectuals of this illusory 3D plane.

In other words, this Bible passage referring to the return of the Christian Messiah, will occur and no one will recognize, or see, that this is the “Messiah”.

On pages 112 and 113 of this blog, there are subliminal suggestions, that suggest quite curiously, refer to President Trump as that Messianic figure. Even going back to his maternal grandmother whose last name was “Christ”.

It must be stated that the writer of this blog does not view President Trump as a villain, but does understand what his motives are in destroying the “Deep State” which controls US politics and the war machine. This “Deep State” entity has been suggested subliminally over the decades, centuries, and millennia, … that it is basically “hell on earth”. This would fit the scenario, that a messianic figure would have to appear to remove it from having power, and to “drain the Swamp”.

However, draining the swamp of the “Deep State” entity of “Elitists/Zionists/Bankers” has been the “Clouds” that “Cover”, or hide, the “DEEPEST STATE”, which is the Zionist project called the “Greater Israel Project”.

The Zionist Bankers have conjured up the “Deep State”, for their cover story, … their CLOUDS … which is designed to bring about the total new One World Government. This new order, which has now entered into its “financial reset”, will see the “Deep State” used in some fashion, to lay the foundation for the establishment of the “Greater Israel Project”. Otherwise known as world domination.

Also, the reader is asked to keep in mind, that the United States of America is the State of Israel which is to be used for world domination. But first, something must be done about the “Deep State” cover, either for benefit, or supposed detriment. The USA is the advanced stage of the Greater Israel Project, but has more to do.

President Trump and the Coronavirus

Having described in pages 112 and 113 how the Coronavirus refers to the Crown presented “subliminally” to President Trump (which was first suggested in 2007 on this blog), … of course, at that time, not knowing it was referring to President Trump, but did recognize, that it would be referring to the coming messianic figure.

The following will put forward further subliminal suggestive evidence that President Trump is in fact, the coming Christian Zionist Messiah, … where no one seems to recognize this has occurred, … at least not in the way described on these pages.

President Trump Contracts the Corona Virus

Subliminal suggestions which were first attributed to “Jesus Christ” in the New Testament, … now have a strange suggestive characteristic which refer to President Trump.

Subliminal hypnotic suggestion does not, and MUST NOT, be an identical perfect version of whatever it’s suggesting. It must remain hidden, in the clouds, and covered over, but still have the ability to manipulate and cause the masses to move in accordance with the hypnotic suggestion being extended.

Similarities regarding attributes to Jesus Christ and now President Trump:

The reader should keep in mind, that even though this writer will refer to Jesus Christ as the Christ, the writer understands and has explained throughout this blog, that Jesus did not exist, but was a product of the Deep State, extending all the way back to Flavius Caesar in the times of the Roman/Jewish war around the year 69 AD. See page 108 of this blog.

The Jesus Christ story was written for the Romans by Josephus, a captured Jewish captain, who willingly conjured up the Jesus story for Flavius, with the hope of appeasing the Jewish revolt.

The writer is not suggesting that Christians should not have the right to continue with their religious beliefs. The same right is extended to the Jews and the Muslims as well, … as together, … these form the One World Religion, which is called the Children of Abraham.

Now To WAG the DOG


(Not in any particular order)

Jesus healed an invalid man at a pool in Bethesda. President Trump went to the Walter Reed National Medical Center in Bethesda Maryland.

Jesus was crucified and remained dead in the tomb for 3 days. President Trump remained in his “death watch” for 3 days and 3 nights and went home on the 4th day.

Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead on the 4th day. President Trump “rose from the dead” after 3 days, and went home on the 4th.

Jesus performed healing miracles throughout his ministry. President Trump stated after his successful healing, that the doctors expertise and the new medicines they used were MIRACLES. He further stated it was a CURE.

Jesus casts out “unclean spirits” from the possessed. President Trump will attempt to “drain the swamp” of its filth.

Jesus feeds 4,000 and 5,000 after his resurrection from the dead. President Trump went for a ride in an SUV vehicle to thank his supporters outside the Walter Reed Hospital after his “resurrection” from his death watch. There were many hundreds/possibly thousands lining the street. He then ordered over 250 Dominos pizzas that kept arriving for the supporters every half hour. If there were approximately 7 or 8 slices of pizza in each box, that suggests that there were probably a few thousand to feed.

Jesus made a victorious entrance into Jerusalem riding on a donkey before his crucifixion. President Trump aims to make a victorious entrance riding on a Democrat DONKEY into Jerusalem (Pacific Ocean) after winning the 2020 election.

Lake Tahoe is shown on the blog to relate to the Sea of Galilee. Tahoe is located right on top of the 135 degree angle of California and will be the observation point when the cataclysm occurs. California will receive a deluge of water from the Pacific (JERUSALEM) as it flows under the Golden Gate Bridge as well as the shores of Oregon (Tower 1) and Arizona (Tower 2) and California (Building 3), during the coming cataclysm in the near future.

The 135 degree angle right in the middle of Lake Tahoe, relates to the angle of the constellation ORION. The new medicine “CURE that President Trump was given, is called REGENERON.


There is much more, … but we must all realize that we are being “WAGGED” every minute of every day … just like a “dog” that the elite Zionist Bankers consider the masses.

Time to Wag the Dog Again …

Original WTC Twin Towers:

The “conjurers”, the EGO, the “Thought Process” designed the whole 3 Dimensional illusory plane around sexual activity.

Then, these elitist Zionist “money-changers” wrote a “holy book” called the Bible, condemning homosex, and instructed the world to go forth and “multiply”.

The elitist Zionist banking cabal needs the human entity to reproduce in a crazed uncontrolled fashion so as to have the raw material to create war, power, riches, suffering, ritual sacrifices, etc. … and in so doing, to control and manipulate the human “puppets” to blindly do as they’re told.

The communications antenna on top of Tower 1 symbolizes the phallus ejaculating.

The ejaculation symbolism was incorporated as the WTC was being built between 1966 and 1973. Interestingly, the removal of the GOLD STANDARD occurred in 1971, right in the middle of the WTC being built. This removal suggesting that the removal of the GOLD STANDARD was also part of the 911 event. And which has become incredibly obvious since the 911 sacrifice demolition.

The WTC took exactly 6.66 years to build (think 666).

The 6.66 years also translated into 80 exact months to complete the WTC.

As mentioned many times on this blog, the number 6 and 8 relate to one another and refer to the coming cataclysm.

A simple observation of the first clockface on this blog reveals that 66% of the clockface coincides with the number 8 o’clock.

This suggests corruption. Thereby subliminally suggesting the ejaculating communications antenna was a precursor for some extreme event to occur in the future.

Solomon’s Temple Model

San Francisco

Solomon’s Temple was located right above the Foundation Stone/Rock on Mount Moriah (the Temple Mount) in Jerusalem. The shape of the Foundation Stone/Rock is virtually that of the 11 Western United States. If you count the levels of Solomon’s Temple in the photo below, there are 11 levels, or stories. The 2 pillars in front, located at the Temple Porch, are called the B and G pillars/columns, referring to Boaz and Gachin/Jachin.

Looking closely at the pillars in the photo, there are what are referred to as “capitals”, … decorations that relate to the male phallus. This coincides with the phallus head and the 9 lilies extending above the head relate to the phallus ejaculating. This relates to the communications antenna on top of Tower 1 of the destroyed WTC on 911.

The WTC is a subliminal suggestion and is a “predictive” form of Solomon’s Temple. This “predictive” suggestion is the hypnotic trance inducement that establishes the cataclysmic event that will occur in the 11 Western United States. In suggestive terminology, this event will be the Battle of Armageddon occurring in Mexico/Megiddo, … the Valley of Decision, … that “Great and Horrible Day of the Lord”.

Solomon’s Temple, and the teachings of Judaism, are all constructed around sexuality, and in particular, with special emphasis on homosex. The natural activity of sexual interaction was meant to create arousal and desire of men sexually interacting with men as their primary and natural sexual state. And women interacting sexually with women as their primary and natural sexual state. After this conjuring up of the 3D illusory plane, with this sexual context being foremost present within the illusory plane, these elitist Zionist “money-changers” then wrote a “holy book” called the Books of Moses, the Old Testament, the Christian Bible, and eventually, the Qur’an, all of which condemn homosex. These “holy books” then dogmatically instruct the world to go forth and “multiply”.

The resulting world dilemna to follow, resulted in all the confusion, chaos and suffering we witness in the world today. The “elitists” need, absolutely have to have, ritual sacrifices for power, for profit, and the flesh of their sacrifices, for strength.

The elitist Zionist banking cabal needs the human entity to reproduce in a crazed uncontrolled fashion so as to have the raw material to create war, power, riches, suffering, … and in so doing, to control and manipulate the human “puppets” to blindly do as they’re told.

Having achieved the fanatic Egotistical Agenda, what follows is the appearance and assertion subliminally, that the Zionist non-Jewish entity then appears as the “god” they conjured up.

The B and G Pillars of Boaz and Gachin/Jachin

The Capitals at the top of the phallic pillars relate to the phallic head. The 9 lilies relate to the “Flower of Life” geometric overlaying of compass circles. The lilies are the phallus’ ejaculating in symbolic regenerating of the life cycle.

The 9 lilies and 11 levels of the temple suggest 911, and the sacrifice performed by the Children of Abraham as they carried out the WTC destruction on September 11, 2001.


Solomon’s Temple had a huge bronze bowl symbolically filled with water for cleaning the sacrifice of the offerings to “god”.

This bronze bowl relates to the Pacific Ocean … symbolically suggested with the arrangement in regards to the temple function.

The Molten Sea relates to the BIG ONE earthquake in the Pacific Ocean and Yellowstone. Together, these two actions will force the Pacific Ocean to come through the Golden Gate, right under the Golden Gate Bridge. This is precisely similar to how the priests of Solomon’s Temple would take the blood of the sacrifice up the stairs, into the “Holy Place”, … handing it off to the High Priest who would then climb some more stairs in the “Holy of Holies”, … and offer the sacrifice to “god”.

This action is again duplicated by the actions of those “priests” operating within “Solomon’s Temple World Trade Center”. These “priests” would slaughter the “animals” … the occupants of the WTC, and take the blood and offer it to their “Children of Abraham” … “god”.

The Bronze Bowl that existed on the site of the WTC during the 911 event was the Hudson River. The nuclear devices planted within the basements of the Twin Towers caused the symbolic “Molten Sea” to be created by the explosion of these nuclear devices. These devices were set in the basement of the WTC Towers for the purpose of obtaining a building permit. The reason being that they needed a plan for how to remove the Towers if the need arose to remove them.

A slurry wall had to be built as the nuclear devices exploded first, next to the wall facing the Hudson River. It was then required to build the wall so the water wouldn’t flood the area, causing the loss of certain elements the “priests” wanted to remain.

The “priests” involved in this horrific event are very familiar to all who pay attention to all that has occurred. These “priests” were involved in the Kennedy assassination, in the planning for building the WTC site, the removal of the Gold Standard, the announcement of a New World Order, the WTC sacrifice demolition, the Great Repression of 2008, the Corona illusory event, the now recognized Greatest Depression … these puppet movers and shakers in large part being indoctrinated at Yale University and belonged to Yale’s Skull and Bones Secret Society.

If the names might escape you, just think of the “burning BUSH” symbolism and that should awaken our illusive memories.


The Porch of Solomon’s Temple was located between the 2 phallic pillars. This porch allowed the “priests” to enter the Holy Place as with the blood of the virgin, as would the phallus of a male enter the woman.

This phallus penetration would enter deep into the virgin, reaching near to the womb, (eg: the NAVE within a Christian Church) and distributing it’s “sacrifice” to impregnate the virgin’s womb, subliminally suggesting that a “new world order” was now growing within the virgin mother. The mother who never entered into any sexual activity, thereby remaining a virgin. However, was the virgin who ultimately gave birth to the “son/sun of god”.

All this and more will symbolically come to pass in short order, as the Pacific Ocean (which is Jerusalem … see page 16 of this site), flows violently under the Golden Gate on the Eastern Wall of the Pacific. In the exact same symbolic fashion that “the Messiah will enter through the Golden Gate on the Eastern Wall on the Old City of Jerusalem”. Which of course, is just the hypnotic suggestion for the Flood of Noah to occur on the West Coast of America, as the Battle of Armageddon unfolds in Mexico, Megiddo.


This site has shown many examples of what the Skull and Bones Secret Society’s “secret” number is actually standing a “code” for. One such example is that the MARRIOTT HOTEL was Building 3 in the WTC original layout. the MARRIOTT was 22 stories tall. This states quite succinctly, the number 3-22.

Another bit of “code” attempting to hide the 911 connection to the Marriott Hotel is hidden in the simple mathematical number itself.

When looking at the number 322, it is strongly suggesting 911 in subliminal fashion, in that the number 3 multiplied by itself = 9. And the number 22 divided by 2 = 11.

In other words, secret society subliminal manipulation suggests the number 3 x 3 is looking higher, longer, into the future … more forward. The number 22 divided by 2, is referring to the past, and how the 11 stories of Solomon’s Temple is subliminally replicated in the 22 stories of the Marriott Hotel. The Porch of the Virgin sacrifice.

This is then repeated again when the 110 story Towers both exhibit the number “11” x 10. Then multiply 110 x 2 = 220. The number 110 x 2 = 220. This shows how the secret society is at work going forward with the number 22, not looking backward to the illusory past. Now add 220 + 22 = 242. Now divide 242 by 2 = 121. Finally multiply 11 x 11 = 121. In other words, the number 911 keeps repeating in a multitude of ways linking Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem, to Solomon’s Temple in New York, and ultimately to Solomon’s Temple, which is the 11 Western United States. And to the site of the “Battle of Armageddon”.

1 World Trade Center – Interlocking Phallus’

The sexual subliminals just keep getting more and more revealing by the moment. What were 2 phallus pillars in front of Solomon’s Temple 1WTC version, which referred to 2 male phallus’ and the homosex nature of the 3D illusory plane.

After 911 WTC sacrifice and demolition, the phallus’ went limp following ejaculation via the communications antenna. What has now taken place, is that the 2 phallus towers are now intertwined in “frottage” symbolism, demonstrating the natural sexual function of male on male sex.

Keep in mind that the natural function of male homosex was evidenced with the Twin Towers, and the natural female homosex, relates to the Marriott Hotel, the vaginal entrance to the “Holy Place” and the “Holy of Holies”. (In case the reader missed it … Holy = Hole = the entrance to the inner workings of the temple).

1 World Trade Center is now located where Building 6 was previously located, coinciding on the WTC building layout map, with Washington State.

Building 6, or Washington State, is the location of Mount Olympus, the throne of Zeus. ZEUS = Hey-ZEUS = JESUS = MESSIAH = President TRUMP.

The reader must come to understand the complete sexual nature of this 3D illusory plane. This “unmentionable” topic of sex, and in particular male and female homosex, was designed and propogated by the Children of Abraham One World Religion, so as to keep the masses from vigorously seeking out the Truth. To be afraid, or cowardly, to speak openly concerning sex and homosex, is one powerful proof that the person is existing in a very deep and dark, and very unaware hypnotic trance state. This protects the elitist bankers, corrupt politicians, religious leaders, intellectual thinkers, and the like.

Building 6, or Washington State, is the location of Mount Olympus, the throne of Zeus. ZEUS = Hey-ZEUS = JESUS = MESSIAH = President TRUMP.

No Planes Were Used During WTC 911

The reader must realize that there were no planes used in the WTC 911 event. The planes observed on our televisions on the morning of September 11, 2001, were simply videotaped previous to the event. Video manipulation was able to be accomplished back in 2001, and multiple videos have since been produced to show how they did it.

The photo below shows a plane which flew past the WTC long before the 911 occurred. This was extremely unusual and raised many questions.

No planes, or legitimate plane residue was ever found. The explosions were real. These explosives were installed over a 4 year period, give or take, and were set off in the newly fabricated video produced for viewer consumption.

When the 911 event began to unfold, the explosions first occurred in the 6th floor basement, where the nuclear devices were contained, since the construction of this WTC Solomon’s Temple sacrifice. WTC staff who were present when the explosions occurred below street level were severely injured or worse. When the NY Fire Department arrived, they couldn’t believe the mess the lobby was in, as the plane crash occurred at the 84th floor (approximately).

There was no plane residue found, then that means there were there were no occupants on a plane that didn’t exist. Therefore, there were no terrorists, other than the elitist entitities who were running the show from US Government official venues. Since there were no terrorists, no planes, then there should never have been a “war on terror”. This “war” has been the most massive fraud in all of this 3D illusory plane history. Precisely in line with the other most massive fraud in history, called the “Creation of the World”.

The reader must also keep in mind, that no airplane hit the Pentagon, and no airplane crashed in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. However, the world population, and especially, the American citizens, have become so traumatized by the 911 event, that they simply do not want to go there any longer. The elitist hypnotically induced deep trance state is so horrific, that the American mind (in general), is unable to fathom the Truth.

Many American citizens have demonstrated the strength to stay above and outside the fray of disbelief, and have bravely done their best to attempt to remain with some sense of sanity as the nightmare continues to unfold. However, it is the information presented on this blog site, that shows how 911 was the inspiration for the “Creation Fable”, … and all wars and horrors since that illusory moment, … right up until this fateful “day” when all of the “illusory hellish” events bore their corrupt and bloody fruit.

 Essence of the MATRIX

The MATRIX – Solomon’s Key

SOLOMON = SOL “the SUN” … O “and” … MON “the MOON“.

Solomon = the Sun and Moon.

There Is Only One Truth:

… which is to realise concerning being trapped in the MATRIX … is that there really is NO MATRIX … and the “Real You” is not trapped … and the “Real You” has no ability to be present in this illusion called the MATRIX … which is the 3D Illusory Plane. The Truth is, that everything is a lie!

The Real You which is Wisdom … is not an illusion.
Therefore the Real You cannot become part of, or have any valid function or purpose within the Illusory Plane. Wisdom only abides the 3D life experience, never regarding the life experience as valid, “real”, and of none concern. Wisdom enjoys what can be enjoyed, and inspires others to enjoy what might be joy for themselves.

Wisdom is not based on the illusory concept we call “morality” or “righteousness”, … but functions on the notion of “all knowing”.

All knowing, … but not through the study of our intellectual fore bearers, but knowing that “we are” Wisdom, … which rightly and naturally knows “all things”. Not as a “god”, for there is no god. But simply as that eternal state of being indescribable by word alone.

“Real Eyes Realise Real Lies”.

The Truth is

… that everything is a lie within the 3D Illusory Plane.

Realise this simple truth … and your illusory 3D life experience finds the peace of the eternal paradise state.
The paradise state is not “heaven”, … it is Wisdom, and is the Real You, and is your ultimate original state of being.
Wisdom was not created, … “Wisdom just Is”.
The Ego was not created … “The Ego just Is”.

This is the eternal paradise state and Wisdom has nothing to do with The Ego.
And The Ego has nothing to do with Wisdom.
The two concepts have nothing in common and cannot commune one with the other.

Realise there is no “god”

There is only The Ego suggesting through hypnotic subliminal suggestion that the 3D Illusory Plane is a “creation”, when in fact, it is a
“conjured up” illusion based on the fabricated notion that “light based” images are “reality”.
The Ego conjures Thoughts … which ultimately produce light.

“God” said … “let there be light” … and … unfortunately … there was “light”.

Light is confusion and chaos.

Religion … all religion … is the foundation of all lies and ultimate suffering that spawns “Intellectualism” and fosters and perpetuates “The Ego” as it “manifests itself” as the mass of humanity, … which is the ultimate illusory form.

Wisdom has no light. Wisdom has no darkness.
Light and darkness are illusory and form the 3 dimensional plane.
Wisdom is another concept unique unto itself, in that it knows only to watch, wait, and simply observe.

Tool #1: To “decipher” the MATRIX … the 3D Illusory Plane: Change the “G” to “Y”.







Tool #2: To decipher the MATRIX … the hypnotic Trance State: Interchangeable vowels.

The EGO = The EYE … change G to Y
and substitute O for E = The ALL SEEING EYE = GOD

Tool #3: To “decipher” the MATRIX … the Creation: Word play.

ATOM = ADAM … EVE = the Coming of the Light from the ATOM / ADAM

A RIB is a BEAM as referring to the “strength necessary in constructing anything physical”.

Eve was formed from the “Light Rib” … or “Light Beam” … the “Energy”, … emanating from side of the ATOM / ADAM.

“Eve” is the Mother of all things that we see.
“Eve” is the MATRIX of all things within the 3D Illusory Plane.
“Eve” is the negative energy manifesting as the electrons of all things that appear to be physical and appear to be “reality”.

Tool #4: To “decipher” the MATRIX … the Key of Solomon: Anagrams.


Tool #5: To “decipher” the MATRIX … the Life Experience: Reverse imagery.


Tool #6: To “decipher” the MATRIX … the 3D Illusory Plane: Homonyms.

WHOLE = HOLE … Whole suggests full or complete … Hole suggests empty void

The Ego Thinks it … Knows Something.

Thinking is … Thought.

Thought is … Thoth
… the so-called ancient Egyptian “creator god”.

… “creating” is “conjuring”.

Thoughts … are Words … are Hypnotic
… are Trance Inducing … conjuring up a 3D Illusory Plane.

Reading these “words” alters your current Trance Induced State.

Your 3D illusory Trance State will “reconfigure” as it “reconsiders” what you’ve just read.

… therefore consider this:

A Thought is a Word.
A Word makes a Sound.
Sound Vibrates.

Vibration is Energy.
…. Energy Glows.
Glowing is Light.

Light is everything we … SEE.

Everything we See is … THOUGHT.

Thought … is Hypnosis … and is the 3D ILLUSORY PLANE.

Hypnosis suggests everything …

For example:

City = Site = Sight = See = Sea = Mar (latin for sea) = Mary.

The “Mary”, the “mother of god” is suggested by the word “city”.
“City” is a geographical “site”.
“Site” suggests “sight” … and how we “see”.
“See” suggests “sea” … or “mar” (latin).

All this, and much more hypnotically suggested by the word “city”.
Text or visual suggestions incorporated under “cover” will determine the hypnotic trance induced.