9/11 – New York City – NO PLANES INVOLVED

Arrest George W. Bush
Arrest Dick Cheney
Arrest Powell
Arrest ALL the buggers that killed 3,000 people.
Arrest Larry Silverstein.

There were no plane parts ever found.
No engines that belonged to these planes.
No trace of anything at the Pentagon.
Nothing in Shanksville … no plane engines or anything.

Arrest these assholes and hang them.

The world is run by NAZIS.
Just ask Trudeau.
NAZIS run the governments the western world.
Just ask the demented leader of the FREE WORLD.

The demented leader of the free world does not hesitate to kill 500,000 Ukrainian soldiers.
Arrest him.

And arrest Trudeau. The lying crack head Trudeau.

Let the J6 prisoners out of the gulag.

Free those who did no harm to anyone.



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