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Frotting and Circle Jerk Gay Pictures and Photos
Frotting and Circle Jerk Gay Pictures and Photos
Frotting and Circle Jerk Gay Pictures and Photos
Frotting and Circle Jerk Gay Pictures and Photos

Frotting and Circle Jerk Gay Pictures and Photos



Men and women, woman and woman, man and man … sex comes in a lot of different packages.



There is no such thing as gay or lesbian or bisexual.

Transgenderism is butchery to the human psyche.

We are all just sexual beings. We love to fuck in whatever way we choose. And at different times we will choose to fuck or not to fuck anything we see fit.



– SEX Of Every Description Was Normal In Different Areas.


– Sex Was Almost Taboo.

… sinful, and cynically speaking, … only decent if you fucked in the missionary position.





The Wickedness Of Christianity Has Consumed The Western World

The links below describe in clear detail how the start of Christianity came about.






The Dutch Flag

July 23,2022 – Show Your Support

Saturday 23th July Rally in Amsterdam. Farmers demonstration with massive support from the people.



A Fair World Order … A New Multi-polar World

The End Of The World Economic Forum Is Right Before Us.

The War In Ukraine Is The War Against Tyranny And The Deep State.

The Elite and TPTB Are Going Down.


Russia Has Initiated The End Of The Corruption And Lies Of America And The EU


Stopping The Robbery And Power Over Our Paycheque

Whenever you buy something


Put an end to digital money … the money we spend with our credit card and the money they’re going to try create … CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currencey)

Frotting and Circle Jerk Gay Pictures and Photos
Frotting and Circle Jerk Gay Pictures and Photos
Frotting and Circle Jerk Gay Pictures and Photos
Frotting and Circle Jerk Gay Pictures and Photos
Frotting and Circle Jerk Gay Pictures and Photos
Frotting and Circle Jerk Gay Pictures and Photos
Frotting and Circle Jerk Gay Pictures and Photos
Frotting and Circle Jerk Gay Pictures and Photos


Frotting and Circle Jerk Gay Pictures and Photos
Frotting and Circle Jerk Gay Pictures and Photos
Frotting and Circle Jerk Gay Pictures and Photos
Frotting and Circle Jerk Gay Pictures and Photos
Frotting and Circle Jerk Gay Pictures and Photos
Frotting and Circle Jerk Gay Pictures and Photos
Frotting and Circle Jerk Gay Pictures and Photos
Frotting and Circle Jerk Gay Pictures and Photos

102 Replies to “BLOG”

  1. Their was an event that happened here in Ohio that got very little news coverage outside of the area but correlates to the Turkey earthquakes and is interesting. On Feb 3 about 9:00 pm a train derailed in East Palestine Ohio. Of the 114 cars 50 derailed. Their were 6 tankers carrying a highly toxic substance, vinyl chloride. One tanker exploded on impact. On Feb 6 at 3:30 pm authorities did a “controlled explosion” of the other 5 tankers. This created a mushroom type cloud. When vinyl chloride burns it creates phosgene, a chemical used in WW1 warfare. Residents could smell it burning 30 miles away. Farm animals and wildlife are now sick with hundreds dead and the fish are dying in the streams. Feb 6 is day 7819 from 9/11, (1117 weeks) 7+8+1+9=25, 2+5=7. From 2/6 to 4/26 (Chernobyl event) is 79 days, 7+9=16, 1+6=7 and 79 is 7 on the 7th clockface. While this is happening their are 2, 7+ magnitude earthquakes in Turkey. Is their a theme here? It will be interesting to see what happens on day 7977 from 9/11, July 15. It’s the 196 th day of the year with 169 days remaining and is the 160th day ( including 7/15) 1+6+7, from Feb 6. A lot of 7’s going on here! Anyway, hope you’re doing better.

    1. That Ohio thing was new to me, and seems very bizarre.
      Here a reporter is arrested for trespassing while trying to cover the story –

      There is a movie called White Noise released in late 2022. It takes place in Ohio in the early 80ies.
      Here is an excerpt from the wikipedia article on the movie –
      “their lives are disrupted when a cataclysmic train accident casts a cloud of chemical waste over the town”

      The protagonist Jack Gladney is portraid by Adam Driver.
      Jack Gladney is a professor of “Hitler studies” (a field he founded) at the College-on-the-Hill in Ohio.

      According to IMDB, it premiered in the US the 30th of September 2022, at the New York film festival.
      4 months 4 days before the accident on the 3rd of February 2023.

      Here is the explosion, which does look kinda nuclear –

      1. Thanks for the info Kim, I’ll have to watch the movie. What was also odd to me was that it happened in a town called East Palestine. If something similar happens in Palestine I won’t be surprised.

      2. Hi Kim…. I looked up the movie White Noise and found out it was filmed in East Palestine Ohio !! Some of the residents there were extras. Bizarre

        1. “A man living near the East Palestine train derailment site is dealing with a lot of debris on his property. Jerry Corbin lives 1.4 miles from the site. He said his backyard is covered in black debris that looks like soot, but it’s not. More concerning, Corbin told Channel 11 the blast cap was left lying in his grass. He said the black tube was used to ignite the chemical burn of the volatile train cars carrying toxic chemicals.”

          1. On 2/22 a twin engine plane left Clinton airport in Littlerock AR. Minutes after takeoff, at 12:02 it crashed killing all 5 on board. The plane was headed to E Palestine Ohio and carried a team of toxicology and environmental health experts working for a company (CTEH) that was hired by Norfolk Southern to test the air, water and soil quality in E Palestine.
            Someone doesn’t want this looked into! Guess if you can blow up the twin towers and the twin Nord Stream pipelines, taking out a twin engine plane is simple.

            The Ohio department of natural resources said at least 45,000 animals, including all aquatic life forms have died in a 5 mile radius of the train derailment.

            Trump flew there that same day and brought several tons of humanitarian aid with him. The place is a mess!!!

    2. Rhonda – it’s amazing how all these things have some sort of symbolism to them. The Deep State (Khazarian Mafia) don’t actually know what’s going on here, but they just know, that for some reason, it all just seems to work out. Stupid bastards!

      I’m over my flu now. It was a corker. Take care.


      1. Hi Bryan…’s almost like clock work once you know what to look for. They said queen Elizabeth died 9/8 22. Exactly 111days before the 7777 day from 9/11. It’s really looking more and more like a script. But then it is a kabuki theatre! Glad you’re better. I had it a while back and it was a doozy.

  2. Some financial news story from the last 6 months surrounding gold.

    Russia wants to trade oil in gold.
    Ghana wants to buy oil with gold instead of dollars.
    Zimbabwe makes gold coin to ease us dollar in high demand
    The IMF takes it upon themselves to convince Zimbabwe to remove the gold coins, tells them that gold coins are meant to be scarce, and that Zimbabwe missed their chance to build a reserve. Zimbabwe dismisses the IMF’s position on the “issue” – and the 1 oz 22 carat gold coin recently passed 2000 usd, almost 100 usd above the price of 1 oz of 24 carat gold.
    Iran is reportedly in talks with Russia to create a new gold-backed stablecoin, as sanctions from US and its allies amount against the two countries.–gold-price-doubles-to-$3-600–says-credit-suisses-zoltan-pozsar-11973451

  3. Simon Magus – I missed your comment also. I have a bit of the flu.

    Here is your comment:

    The things i receive from the melting pot in the Ukraine is that the children of Abraham occupying the country. The native population is wiped out and in TV-Comercials they are searching for people who speak hebrew. Israelic Companies are building new Buildings for the people of New Jerusalem. There are areas You are only allowed to enter if you are a member of the tribes of Israel, which we all now are the same as the aryan tribes. I don´t see the point in which way this leads to the multi polar world, searching people desire?


    The people in Ukraine only pretend to be Jews, going back many hundreds of years. They are actually the Kazarian Mafia, or the Deep State, or the WEF’rs. They are the elitist bloodlines of the world. They just copped out and stole the name “jews”, to make the world believe they are the Jews of the Bible. They are not. The people of Israel are only about 4% Jewish and about 96% Kazarian Mafia. Ukraine is the home turf of the Kazarians. They are the Nazi’s of the world.

    Putin and the Russians are anti-nazi, … they are fighting the war in Ukraine to kill or imprison all of the Nazi forces in Ukraine. The Americans fighting the war in Ukraine are the Uni-Party, made up of the the neo-cons and the Dems. These are nothing but Nazi people. They deserve punishment, and there going to get it. These are the elitists meeting in Davos, Switzerland right now. They are scared shitless that their empire of these last hundreds of years is failing, … is falling apart, … and they don’t know what to do.

    This is the multi-polar world coming into fruition. It will take decades to rebuild a just and fair society. But it will be done over the next few decades, beginning NOW!


    1. Bryan, asides from all the russia and Ukraine stuff I’m just wondering about all the predictions you had regarding the luciferian agenda and the big on earthquake and flood. Is this event still a possibility and if so when do you think it will happen? The flooding in ca just broke records.

    2. Bryan you were right about the vaccines! People are dropping like flies everyday “died suddenly” do you think it’s going to get worse?

      1. Kion – It’s should get much worse. Anyone who got the injection is in danger over about the next 5 years of death or injury. The deaths should become extremely bad over the next 2 years. Don’t ever take the “jab”.


    3. Bryan, there’s was a 7.7 mag earthquake in turkey yesterday . Thousands of people dead. What do you think of this and what’s next ? Also 77

      1. Kion – Most places say it was a 7.8, then a 7.5, then a 7.6 … even one register said it was an 8.1.

        What was really interesting about these quakes, is that they occurred at 37N / 37E. The number 37 is the latitude of the 4 Corner Cross states leading to San Francisco. Part of the future quake thing maybe.

        People are also saying it could’ve been done by HARRP because the US doesn’t like how friendly Erdogan is with Putin.


        1. Here’s my take on the Turkey situation taking inspiration from your blog Bryan. The Black Sea is the uterus with the baby inside it. The Ukraine is the crane / stork that delivers the baby. Turkey and Russia are connected. Turkey used to be part of the Byzantine empire, the eastern offshoot of the Roman Empire which led to the Rus / Slavs taking on orthodox Christianity. The Bosporus strait is the cervix. Bosphorus = Bo sphorus = Bo cervix. These earthquakes in Turkey are labor pains / contractions. The baby is ready to be delivered. dutchsinse recently showed strange radar signals over the center of the earthquakes. I guess you could say the baby is being induced. All of this is coinciding with the Russian special operation which is set to kick into high gear in the coming days. The one year anniversary is is Feb 24th, 10 days after Valentine’s Day. Remember that sculpture “Cupid’s Span” beside the Golden Gate Bridge? I expect to see more earthquakes like we saw in Italy today leading up to some kind of climax, perhaps between now and April but hey, timing is not really my strong suit so we will see. Also, the Black Sea seems to represent death by water. So there is a life and death / 3D illusion symbolism going on here it seems.

          1. Chris – also, the Turkey earthquakes were at 37N and 37 E. That’s where the Four Corner Cross is located at. It looks like all of this is tied symbolically to whatever is about to come. It doesn’t appear that the EQ stuff is going to quit anytime soon.


          2. Chris….your analogy is intriguing. RT news has a article this am “Turkish quakes may be a rehearsal for big one in Istanbul”, drawing our attention to the Bosphorus strait. When the cervix dilates to 10 cm (ouch) birth is imminent. Based on the eq’s It’s close to 8 cm.
            Feb 6 (2/6) seems to be a marker day of some sort. It’s the 37th day of the year, Turkey eq’s at 37 N/37 E, Ohio event and also the day Queen Elizabeth began her reign (1952). Her actual coronation was on 6/2. In 2022 she celebrated her second birthday for the year (long story) and her platinum Jubilee (70 yrs) on 6/2.

            It’s said “the sun never sets on the British Empire”. Symbolically she ruled the world. So the birth of the next world ruler, the NWO, will no doubt correlate in some ways to the previous ruler. Her actual birthday was 4/21.
            Anyway, stock up on popcorn. It’s going to be a long show and we’re in the year of the skull and bones 2023 (322)

        2. Yeah I could def see that. There have been reports of a strange looking cloud hovering over turkey after the quake. It could have been some form of destabilization chemical to cause it. Also, I’m sick of this world and the spineless men doing nothing about a genocide. People just pretend like everything is ok. When will this nightmare end ?

  4. Todd – I have a bit of the flu and deleted your comments by mistake. Here they are:

    Thanks Bryan.
    I’ve been seeing the same things maybe a different order.
    Just FYI. Clif High on bitchute and substack has almost the same exact scenario.
    Fuk I hate to have to eat bugs…
    Hope ur doing well


    Hi Bryan.
    Well said and agree.
    Most have their heads so far up their ass they could scratch their own pelvis. What’s your best guess to when this all blows up so even the dipshits with their heads up their ass won’t be able to deny it?
    Just curious for your opinion. Hope ur stocked up. I’m heading to Costco for another load.


    I listen to Clif High for some things. Also, the guys at the Duran. Excellent material. Alex Christoforou and Alexander Mercouris. Also Brian Berletic at the new atlas. Try listen to Larry Johson and SONAR 21 also. (I think that’s his website). And of course one of the best is Douglas MacGregore, an x-military man from the USA.

    Follow these guys who say much of what Clif says and you won’t go to far astray.

    Also, we’ve been stocking up for about 15 years. We’ve been “tuned in” for about 30 years or more.


      1. Todd – Just about over my cold/flu thing. It was pretty rough. Haven’t had a cold or flu for 15 or 20 years. Can’t remember how long it’s been.

        Just watching everything that’s going on. I doubt I’ll be able to write much because things are spiraling out of control by the hour. And I mean literally by the hour. So hang on. Keep stocking up and wait for the next shoe to drop. It’s going to be ugly.
        (As Clif High says “the BIG UGLY”). We’re in it now.

        Take care,


  5. We are now going to see the USA and the western nations be destroyed. You cannot go for 250 years lying and cheating everything and everyone you meet and not expect doom. Trust in the “lord” while all things are going to hell in a handbasket.

    1. Hi Bryan.
      Well said and agree.
      Most have their heads so far up their ass they could scratch their own pelvis. What’s your best guess to when this all blows up so even the dipshits with their heads up their ass won’t be able to deny it?
      Just curious for your opinion. Hope ur stocked up. I’m heading to Costco for another load.

      1. Todd – It’s going to be a staggered sort of thing. In the next couple of weeks ( or maybe 3 or 4), Russia will probably start there big offensive. We’re talking a monstrous offensive. Then there’s going to be a few months where all hell breaks loose. That’s what it looks like at the moment. Then things will cool down just a bit. Then we’ll have things like the WEF getting all their crap shoved down their own throat. Then the financial system will collapse over the next year or so. The dollar will be just a memory by this time. Look for people starving to death. The “jab” thing will be a thing of the past, but instead, we’re going to have a cyber attack (world wide), where the “powers that be” we’ll leave there mark as we “learn” to eat bugs. It’s going to be hellish big time after that. But we’ll see the rebuilding of the world system into a fair and equitable system over the next decade and or more.

        In other words, … it’s going to be really rough almost immediately. Then big trouble, and the elite will find themselves jumping from buildings (at least I hope that), and then we’ll slowly start to move where we need to in the years following.


  6. The USA is a nation of liars! A nation of the most useless and a weak population. Everything the elite do, they lie about what their doing. And the common, everyday man, … just sits there and says … “we’ll wait one the “lord” and see how it all turns out. IT TURNS OUT BADLY. All the western nations are now subject to this disgraced excuse of a nation.

  7. The USA is now meeting up with a power so great, they cannot ever surmount its courage and strength. That being the Russian Bear. Look out people, the bear is coming. The USA is living in a dream world … convinced they are the “power” that will decide everything from here on in. And it won’t be. It is one useless country with no spine, and no backbone to do anything well … except maybe … wait on the “lord” and see how things turn out. … Not so well I’m afraid.

  8. The USA has been for 250 years … a land devoted to “god”. To the “lord”. And there is no “god” and there is no “lord”. They were manipulated by those with a hidden agenda to become a nation with no backbone and no ability left to fight for what is right. They just turn to their “god” and their “lord”, to give them protection and strength to do whatever needs to be done. But then they don’t do anything. Just wait on the “lord” and let the enemy run all over them and there belief in stupidity.

  9. The USA will never be able to rise above the corruption that is the USA. Corruption is their middle name. They call on the “lord” to protect them and to save them from evil. But … there is no “lord”. They call upon a fantasy to save them. This wreaks of utter stupidity.

  10. So … I found your comment also Kim. I thought for a minute that it was from Kion.

    I’ve got the flu so a bit distracted.


  11. hI Bryan.
    hoping your doing ok, in the circus. Insanity is getting thick enough that you cant even go for a shit without running into it.
    Take care. hope to see some more postings and if I can help let me know.

    Todd from Ont.

    1. Hi Todd – Yes indeed! It’s getting absolutely weird out there. Keep you’re eyes focused on Russia and the war in Ukraine. Everything that the seeking people of the world have been waiting for is wrapped up in the Russian agenda. They, along with China, India, Iran, etc. … are going to create a multi-polar world. Something what we have unknowingly been waiting for. I do not have much faith in the Trump movement, or the west’s patriotic movement. It seems like kindergarten compared to what the rest of the world is doing right now. Watch for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Which is actually the invasion of the Deep State, or the Kazarian Mafia. Whichever term you want to apply.

      If possible just use CASH when you buy anything.


      1. It’s such a shitshow regarding Trump and the state of US politics, it is literally impossible to decipher anyone’s true motives. They are all connected, especially financially…

        But yeah, I’ve been vibing pretty hard lately that Trump is playing reality TV now.

        Kevin McCarthy is WEF thru and thru, and Trump has went to bat for him, despite his support of all this frivolous spending and his leanings toward continuing WW3(he approved of the 100s of billions laundered so far). Very confusing. Unless, they are all playing for the same team.

      2. HI Bryan.
        Just a thought… Kracken is a new variant(so they say) but it is also a legendary sea serpent. Maybe its about to change from the sun ritual to the sea ritual? Just a thought.
        Hope your doing well. I still waiting to sit under a palm tree with sand in my ass watching the shit show go by.
        Keep well.

        1. Just a observation, many people believed that sidney Powell would “release the kraken” against the deep state, many people believed that the ballots had water marks and they would expose the voter fraud. Nothing happened, then Trump released some NTF images of himself as a super hero, people quickly discovered that water marked stock photos were used. Shortly after that, the kraken covid emerged.

  12. All hell, about to break lose.

    Two explosions, 150 or so miles from Moscow. One, at a nuke weapons airbase. Game on and the clocks ticking.

    Prepare now or prepare to be crucified.

    1. Marquis – Hell’s a’comin! Get food, water, and as much food as you can handle. Probably around the 13th of December to the 15th of December, there should be a major up-tick. It should last till the end of January or so. It will be a MAJOR UP-TICK in tension.

      (I’m still trying to get the pages uploaded, but there’s just so many pressing things going on. Will try to get them up).

      1. Also, a major 6.4 mag earthquake in northern ca ! Things are really ramping up. Also the end of title 42 with a projected 15,000 migrant crossings a day. The battle is being prepared

        1. Kion – Lot’s of earthquakes. This is symbolically speaking of the times were in and what is about to come. The migrant explosion is going to ruin what is left of the US, which actually, is much. Yeah, … there’s a battle being prepared and it isn’t the one in the US. Don’t look for Trump to do anything. His agenda is no better than some dream conjured up by the losers. Watch the war in Ukraine. That’s the real battle that will ultimately finish off Europe and the US. There’s not much farther to go. The western nations are in a despicable state. And the world will be a better place when all the west is done in.

          Also Kion … USE CASH whenever you buy something. Cancel the digital currency there trying to bring in.


      2. All is well. The plan is now in motion for me. I started to stock in 2020 and had gotten a little lax.

        I have apple trees, some rice stock oatmeal stock has been being munched by rodents. I have charted how much propane and natural gas I’ll need, and I am back where I need to be to attempt to ride this out.

        Bryan, were it not for me searching and coming across your search, I would not be in a position to be prepared. I always thought it was all bullshit, but to the degree that I didn’t think a single word of it coming true was possible.

        I’d stumbled across NLP, philology, brain manipulation, and the nature of our reality before reading your site(very luckily) and had read almost every holy book there is thru that lens. Anyway, both exciting and terrifying to hear it knock, finally.

        Awesome on the pages. I was hoping you received them.

    2. Marquis – Prepare like you’ve never prepared before. The thing that’s coming will run the world short of food, energy, culture, and anything else you can think of. The Russian invasion of Ukraine that will take place when the ground is well frozen will set in motion everything. It will be tough but it will be what has to be done.


  13. Evelyn Robert Adrian de Rothschild, pictured here ( ) poking prince charles in the chest, and with a gematria value of 333 in simple gematria, died today on the world’s last total lunar eclipse until 2025.

    It’s also 33 years 311 (3×11-33) days after he was knighted by queen elizabeth, and of course 2 months after her death. 8/9 8/11 88 911

    Evelyns son is David Mayer de Rothschild, author of a 2007 book named “The Live Earth Global Warming Survival Handbook: 77 Essential Skills to Stop Climate Change”

    So, this just felt interesting enough to share.

  14. Brian, as of today 10/25/22 california just experienced a 5.1 mag earthquake. In addition, the whole world patricularly the ring of fire is experiencing multiple 6-7 mag earthquakes. You were right all along, things are really heating up. Midterms are coming as well. The battle of armageddon is about to unfold all over.

  15. Know This from Page 34 of the ‘Illuminate Matrix’ blog. Above all else, remember it’s all an illusion, and none of this is really happening, even though you might actually witness it happening. In reality, in the original Paradise State, none of the 3D illusory experience or life on this planet, is actually transpiring. The agenda is completely designed to draw your attention and focus, to be concerned and react, and to become EMOTIONALLY ATTACHED to this illusion, through intense FEAR and DECEPTION. Let go of any /all emotional attachments to this 3 dimensional lie.

  16. Hey Brian, it’s kind of interesting seeing a lot of news reports talking about Armageddon. I know they are referring this mainly to Ukraine vs russia, but overall the globe is in mass distress and chaos. It’s interesting seeing how this all plays out because if Europe gets involved (which they pretty much are). I would even say terrifying. Also interesting how in your blog you mention a form of “Armageddon” to play out in some way. Could this really be what’s going on ? Maybe this is the precursor to that last great battle playing out in the 11 western states.

    1. Kion – This is the “Armageddon” history has been talking about. The Ukraine / Russia thing is what’s affecting the whole globe. It will not end until the “devils” are castrated and drawn and quartered. Which is going to be relatively soon. You must remember that Ukraine was never given legitimate borders. It was just a crazy whim of Kruschev in the early sixties who said, “okay” you can have this area of territory. And that’s all there was to it. It would then be used as the most corruption filled “country” in the world. (The Deep State headquarters in other words).

      Russia, China, India, Iran, and dozens of other countries around the world are working to destroy the wicked Ukraine, the EU, and the USA and the 5 Eyes nations. In other words, 4 billion people around the world are going to destroy the global elites and the global western nations which only account for 15% percent of the world population. They have to go, … and before “Armageddon” is done, … they will all be wiped out.


      1. Yeah I can agree with that. It all seems like we’re heading into the “climax.” This whole debt slavery bullshit has to go, and I wonder what will happen here in the US. In your blog you mention the 11 western states being sacrificed, tell me more about that I’m curious.

        1. Kion – Just look at the drought there having there. It’s unbelievable how terrible it is. And the riverways in the US are starting to not have enough water to float a barge. That means “NO FOOD” for so many people. Then there’s 5 million illegal “FIGHTING AGE” immigrants coming across the border. What could go wrong! And of course there’s YELLOWSTONE and a bit of shake rattle and roll. There’s tons of crime and killing in Oregon, in California, and all kinds of illegality going on in the election process. I live in Canada, and it’s a hell of mess up. And now the US is talking about joining Mexico, US and Canada into one country. It’s one hell of a mess all around. But everything will be a result of what’s happening in the 11 western states.


  17. Brian, the stock markets are continuing to plunge. Trump is set to have two rallies this weekend on sat and Sunday, get where? Mesa, Arizona. The subliminal is strong with this one. Mesa = messiah . As you said in your blog trump will rise from the 4 corner cross states, which include Arizona. Could this be the event or leading up to the event of establishing the greater Israel ? And trump is now referred to as “KING” MAGA. Can’t get any more obvious. Also, Oregon experienced a 4.4 mag earthquake today. 44×2 = 88. It’s all coming together now . The first tower is ready to get “hit.”

    1. Kion – I’m watching closely the guy they call “Trump”. There’s a lot about this fellow that doesn’t add up. For instance … there could very well be no US of A coming soon. What is Trump going to battle with if there’s no country left to do battle with?


      1. There are many suggestions pointing towards a scenario of 2 “trumps”.
        For example, he appeared in a lot of sketches with 2 trumps, where he played one of the 2.
        Supposedly one wears a blue tie, and one wears a red. One is reckless, one is cerebral.

        Here is a video with Trump being fairly cryptic on the subject, even though it is obvious for many that he is talking pro vs private –

        Here is a video of comedian Gregory Dick being perhaps even more cryptic of the subject of Trump and there being 2 Trumps –

        There is also a lot of suggestion of Trump being taken out. Kathy Griffin posing with Trumps severed head is one of the more in your face ones.

        In the movie The Prestige, the disappearing/resurrection act is completed by Christian Bale, one of the Batman actors, having a twin brother.

        The media called Trump a clown many times, and Christian Bale referred to Trump as a clown.

        I made an image called “Con Swirling/Rising Clown” – that have had numerous interesting numeric connections with trump, I put some of them below –

        23rd of September 2022, 111 months and 8 days after the Rising Clown image, Trump shares a post proclaiming that Trump is second only to Jesus –

        Donald John Trump is 1110 in english gematria.
        Donald J Trump is 888 in english gematria.
        Trump is 88.

        Rising Clown image was put online 16th of June 2013, 2 years before Trump officially announced his run for president.

        Trump won 177 weeks after “Clown Rising. Trumps inauguration was 188 weeks after image.

        1222 days, or 3 y 3 m 4 w 4 d after “Clown Rising”, Trump stole some headlines at the Annual Al Smith “Jesuit” dinner.

        1333 days after “Clown Rising” Trump encourages Police to turn in their corrupt colleagues.

        The recording of him (mentioning that he could grap woman by the p*ssy) released 3 years 3 months, 2 weeks and 2 days later

        It was announced that Trump will announce a peace plan, 6 years 6 months 6 weeks after “Rising Clown“

        322 days before I uploaded the Rising Clown image, I uploaded an image of me with Trumps hair photoshopped on, to my private facebook.

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