Sex is the thing that makes humans be humans. Whether its a man and a woman, a woman and a woman, a man and a man, a man and 2 women, 2 men and a woman, … whatever the situation at any given moment. Men and women want to be sexual.

For instance:


This image is very lovely to look upon. Catching the image in your vision makes for a wonderful moment that leads to high energy and wonderful lust.

Lust and energy, … complete wonder!

… or maybe 2 cocks rubbing against each other is more to your style.

sex … what we need, want and have to have.

… and then there’s religion.

The very opposite of what is wholesome and pure. No way that a woman or a man can feel whole and filled with wonder if the natural lust is shamed and forbidden.

People will not believe such truths but truths they are. Without lust and sexual wonder life is stale.

fucking hot




In religion, sex is usually considered a sin if practised outside of marriage.

This means that because we are just natural born sexual individuals, we have to find some other way to fulfill our lusts.

This will lead to sexual arousal in very different ways. Some things that will occur are liasons between people who are sexually attracted to each other but not married or in a relationship.

We must understand that we are sexual beings and will do anything to have a sexual release.

And then there’s LGBTQ!

Now what the fuck is that.

People are just sexual. No L … No G … No B … No T … and no Q.

These are just labels to make you think that you are some kind of unique individual who just likes to fuck a certain way.

When in reality you really can fuck in whichever way strikes you at the time.

Sex is just that … sex.

Nothing more and nothing less.  But without it life is a mess.

Sex is what we want in our lives … leaving us with a vibrancy and need to be looked upon with lust.