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There are over 1,000 pages on this site, talking about MANtoMAN sex, so dig in.



Men and women, woman and woman, man and man … sex comes in a lot of different packages.

But all of the packages are delightful. Making you horny, … and making you cum with your partner, … or even making you cum if you’re stroking you’re pussy or stroking your cock. Nothing is quite as enjoyable as getting off with your sexual equipment.








Rubbing pussies and rubbing cocks takes you to a place of complete passion. Thinking about the sexual experience causes you to enter into a place of mental peace. There is no place like your horny place of complete abandonment. Just think about your cock or your pussy getting off and releasing its holy juice is a magical experience.








Orgasm … fucking … getting off with your cock rubbing against another cock is so fucking hot. Pussies rubbing against another pussy is passion unleashed. Do not forbid yourself from experiencing the delight of rubbing your sex organs against each other until you cum so fucking hard and all the cares of the world disappear.





Go fuck yourself!

… and I mean that in the most delightful way.

Fucking oneself or fucking with a man or a woman is fucking wonderful. You let yourself go until you feel the urge to go higher and get into that lofty space where you want your cock, or your pussy, where it just wants to explode its delicate juices all over your body or into your partners cunt. Or maybe unload your precious cum all over your manly partners cock and chest.

Let it go! Don’t be afraid of letting your body take over and taking you to that place of sweet delight.



Fuck yourself! Let it come and







then let it go.


Fuck yourself! And then let go … let it go all over … do not try to hold back … but let it go and feel the release of all your tension and resistance!






Then there’s pornography. Such a wonderful thing we can experience to get our cocks hard or our pussies juicy and wanting to be fucked. And fucked hard.

For thousands of years people have had all kinds of ways to go about fucking themselves. In ancient Greece the men would mate with other men. They would take up the shield of having a relationship with another man. This was, of course, so that when they went into battle they would fight to the death so they could just have one more experience, sexual experience, with their manly mate.











Fucking is the means by which we remain human and alive. Pornography is the means we use nowadays to get our cocks hard and our cunts wet. Pornography is as old as the hills. They just did not have it in digital form. Instead they were all about fucking if they so desired. Or they would just lust after one another and enjoy just looking at their sexual partner.

Not until the evil event called the Roman Catholic Church came along and destroyed the concept of fucking to remain in balance, … people would just fuck and not think anything about it.

Nothing is as destructive to our sexuality as religion. Especially the 3 religions of Abraham. That is to say, … Judaism, Christianty,  and Islam. These are all the destroying organizations of our natural sexual inclinations. Now, if someone is a Jew, a Christian, or a Muslim, … well that’s just fine. But you must come to understand that these are the religions of the western world and why the western world is so fucked up.








You know, even as I write all these things down, I can get so turned on that my cock just feels like it wants to stretch and explode. But I just wait. I let it build for a day, or two, or three, … and then I let it go. I have an orgasm so intense and so relieving ….

and then I go on about my day.

There is nothing like a sexual release of divinity, to put one into the righteous place of satisfaction.

This is nothing like church, or religion, or anything religious. This is getting ones cock or cunt to do what its supposed to do, and that is to give you a satisfaction and sexual release. Thereby remaining in the positive, and satisfied aspect of gratification.

This is living and this is life. Getting ones sexual gratification in order, so as that you just want to have sex, or sexual release, to remain healthy, happy, and respectful of life. This is how we should look at life and our sexual release.


People talk about ridiculous things … labels … sexual labels … like LGBTQ!

There is no fucking thing as LGBTQ.

Up until the late 1800’s, … somewhere around 1861 (maybe 1869), a religious man (of course, a religious man) came to the conclusion that there were such things as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer sexual beings. Now, this is a complete misrepresentation of the truth.

There are only sexual people who will fuck anyone, or anything, depending on the moment, and the passion, and whoever, or whatever might be handy.

Sex is just that, … an automatic response from within our being to fuck whatever is at hand. Sex is not a mystery and does not need labels.

If someone says “I am gay or lesbian” their actually just admitting that most of the time they like to rub cocks with a man or rub pussies with a women. And maybe most, or all of the time, they might just say that. However, if somewhere down the road they run into someone of the opposite sex, and they get turned on, then they will fuck that person without as much as a misguided thought not to.








Sex is a wonderful expression of life and living. Without sex we are dead and locked into a religious concept that has no business being within our mind.








Sex is the most beautiful and most beneficial event we can partake in within our whole existence. Take your cock out of your pants and just rub it and see if you don’t go to a pleasant place. Or reach into your crotch and rub your pussy and see if you don’t enter into a place of absolute joy. Fucking is not a dirty thing. Baring the effects of the religions of Abraham, we would all just be docile human beings, with nothing but sex on our mind, … and loving it.


Religious tentacles and religious anything, leaves one completely unable to appreciate things sexual.

All throughout history people have enjoyed just simply fucking. When religion came along, the hypnosis element of simply fucking lost its magic and made mindless creatures of us all. What a waste of a human being.

The most perverted people in the world are those who adhere to the religious dictates of any religion. These people (if you can call them that), take advantage of the mindlessness of people. They take the children and the innocent into their lair and fuck them silly. Not only fuck them silly, but molest them, and abuse them until death comes. They like the adrenachrome that they harvest from the children after they abuse and molest them. Then they just toss them aside.

These are the people who traffic in women and children throughout the world and know nothing about “just fucking”.

The lust of just being sexual is the most amazing experience. The bastards who take part in the pedophilia business need to die. Not just thrown in jail, for that is not good enough for them.


Men, … it’s now time to grow a set of balls!

We have to protect our children come hell or high water.

With the things that are going on in (Kan-ada) these days we have to realize that the bastards are aiming to kill us all.

There is an agenda that includes making us sheep like. Making us impotent little bugars. We have to get strong and we have to grow a pair. Very soon, the people in (charge) are going to come for us and we have to be ready to “be disruptive”. And to be ready, we have to grow a pair.

Get strong! Get robust! So no matter what comes our way we will “be disruptive” and we will win.

Our women want us to be men. They want us to be strong fuckers. They want us to be able to take them and fuck them silly like a brave man would do. Our women are taught religious things much of their lives. But they don’t want us to succumb to their silly little religious traits. They want us to be men and be able to throw a good fuck into them when they are willing and able. Willing and able to suck up our cocks into their delicious hot cunts.

We must be strong now! The whole world is falling apart because our men are fucking sheep. Willing to forget our natural instincts to care for our women and to die for our children.

WAKE UP MEN! It’s time to get ready for W*A*R ??!


Women are beautiful. There cunts are so delicately put together. Watching a woman rub her cunt is a wonderful experience. She aches for the moment of internal desire to captivate her and lead her to intense orgasm. What could be more delightful than this.

And still … some knuckle heads look and her having an orgasm and finding release of her sexual juices and condemn it. But why? Of course, there is no reason for why, and in fact, they themselves wish that there cunt or there cock could experience the same orgasmic release.

Men have their cocks primed to take action with the beauty of the woman. But again, … people will say that this is slutty, or dirty, or against the will of “god”. How fucking twisted in this viewpoint when all is said and done. Hard cocks are the very necessary occurrence for life to go on. And who’s to say that this is the right way or wrong way to go about fucking.

Hard cocks are a wonderful expression of wanting to fuck and to mate or to get it on with another beautiful cock. Religious people will condemn this with such zeal and disdain. All the while wishing they had the balls to rub there cocks together but their religious leanings absolutely forbid it.


For thousands of years, people have known about, and believed in the concept of fucking. It was not just some sort of irrational reaction to some loathsome lust, but a deep natural understanding that fucking is just the way life is. Not anything odd, or arbitrary about fucking, its just what we do if we at all, want to be human.

People, both men and women, have all kinds of means and methods to go about fucking. Men try to be strong and masculine, and women try to be beautiful in whatever way they see fit. The whole time hoping the opposite sex sees there intent to be sexual and lustful. This is just how life is. It is not a stretch of the imagination to feel this way. Or to want to fuck with one another. Whether a man and a woman, or men with men, or women with women. Or, maybe even some men and some women enjoying each others lustful bodies without any worry of the religious concepts which permeate our lives. And which, religious concepts should just be fucking thrown away.


For centuries, fucking in all its forms, has been going on. In ancient Greece and Rome (and everywhere else actually), fucking was just a normal, everyday activity for the populace.

Nobody thought anything about the habit of just fucking for fucking’s sake. There was no religious doctrine, or dogma, that forbade people from pulling out there cock or showing their pussy, just because it was a very nice thing to do. People would just fuck because it felt good.

There were all sorts of religions in all the ancient countries of old, but the idea of banning sex, or stigmatizing sex, was just the stupidest concept that could have been thought up. The populace just couldn’t go anywhere near this concept of “no fucking”. Or fucking was a bad and dirty sort of practice. Nothing was further from the truth than neglecting the natural instinct of fucking in all its forms.


Throughout all of history, people just like to fuck. Putting your cock into a gorgeous hot pussy is, and has always been, a hot fucking concept.

Or taking your cock and finding some other stud who just aches to rub his cock against another cock is an activity which is passionate and manly. There is nothing like rubbing your cock against another cock. Getting completely turned on by the very act of rubbing until the passion builds inside you and you just have to let go a load of cum.

Fucking a pussy is a delight. But watching two fucking women rubbing there pussies, one against the other, is a thing that belies belief. Two hot cunts just rubbing against one another is unbelievable. Watching them lick and suck each others cunt is a kind of entrance to the divine. There is nothing like it. Or licking each other in a 69 position is a unbelievable act to watch. Girls fucking each other is fucking fantastic.


Have you ever wondered what two cocks do when they want to have a sexual experience with each other. I mean, what’s the process involved with two cocks rubbing against each other. Both cocks wanting to get so excited so that they want to ejaculate there precious juices all over one another.

First, I think its appropriate for two cocks to just eye up one another first off. Let their cock eyes size each other up. Where they just look at each other in lust. The heads of the cocks just looking at each other with a burning desire to touch. They creep up to each other until they have contact and then the magic begins to take shape.

The cock heads rub against each other, gently at first, and then with just a bit of excited passion. The two men’s bodies draw closer together and the excitement starts to build. They rub each others cocks a bit more, and stroke each cock seriously against one another. The passion builds. They want to feel the excitement of both of their cocks building with an excitement that is hard to describe. All they know, is that they want to have a full hard on ready to explode.

They rub each others cocks. They let everything build. They want to cum, but not just yet. There bodies touch with a desire that only a man can feel in its raw form. They press hard against one another. They like the feeling of simply rubbing a cock with there cock and it is such a manly expression of lust. Then, as they rub cocks, and squeeze each other tight they begin to feel the juices building inside themselves and they rub harder.

They just want to explode, they want to shoot their cum all over they partners body. They keep rubbing. They keep pressing, cock against cock, dick against dick, until they can take it no more. And then, with all the passion one can muster, they shoot their load, one against the other. And they squeeze their cocks together and cum, load after load of the exotic sex juices. Sprinkled with animal appetite against there partners cock and chest and face and anything else that gets in the way.

After they are done unloading there violent juices, they collapse. Thoroughly delighted with their sexual release and that of their partner.


For thousands of years, men fucking men has been a normal and very healthy activity. Its when men feel like men and look to protect their lady through any nasty thing that might prevail. Their children are even more protected when the man is a man. And you can only feel like a man when you engage in the most manly of things, namely rubbing cocks with another man. Even if you never find another man to rub cocks with, as long as you look at this activity as a need, a requirement, to be a man, then you will be a man. You will have grown a pair of really big balls.


Of course, watching our ladies rub their cunts together is such a lovely thing to watch. They get so excited and sexually stimulated when they rub their pussies together. When they scissor their legs together it is one magnificent site to behold. Their cunts rub, stimulating their clitoris’, and the working their way to orgasm.

Many women just love this activity of rubbing their cunts together. They also look for each others “G’ spot so that they can release their juices. Some women can “squirt” bucket loads of juice while violently rubbing their cunts. Sometimes it seems impossible that they could release so much liquid. But they do! And they scream with delight while doing it. All the time hand rubbing their cunts and scissoring their legs. It’s such a wonderful site to see.

These ladies do not shy away from paying attention to their breasts as well. They enjoy immensely just rubbing and squeezing and sucking their breasts. They can even sometimes orgasm, just from breast stimulation. But now, the only reason all women can’t orgasm, can’t squirt, can’t enjoy their bodies all the time and with little effort, is because of being raised in a religious country.

And not just any kind of religious country but a Judeo, Christian, Muslim country. This is the religion, the Abrahamic religions that deny normal and exciting sexual activity. This is the religion that has fucked up the whole world. They don’t at all make mention of the activities and teachings of all the sexual pleasure that can be enjoyed. They teach that there is a “loving god” who will slay you, and throw you into hell forever and ever, if you pull out your cock, or have a cunt full of heat, and want to orgasm. This is the elitist level of corruption that has taken over the world and must be annihilated. If you want peace and a happy and content world, this Abrahamic religion of the Western World must be scrapped.

In the major religions of the world, instead of the Abrahamic religions, sex is a natural, and normal part of the society. Sex is encouraged, not by just anyone, but sex is just the way it is … and there’s nothing to promote or abstain from.


The links below describe in clear detail how the start of Christianity came about.

These links will give you a perfect understanding of who Jesus Christ was, and what Christianity is. The formulation of the Jesus myth by the Flavian dynasty, was propaganda. The ruination of the Western World depended on the Deep State of the day, creating the religion of Jesus Christ. To eventually destroy, and to utterly obliterate the manliness, and strength of the man, in the Western World. We see that absolute loss of manliness in the world today. Men in the west are castrated individuals, who stand on their faith in Jesus Christ to show how good they are, how next to divine they are, … meanwhile, they go about their everyday duties, while the lands of the west go to hell while they believe in Jesus Christ who never existed.

By the time the Catholic Church came around in 300 AD, the dye was cast, and the religion of “no fucking”, and “no illegitimate sex” was off and running. It took 300 plus years to bring this grotesque and horrible religion around to rule the minds of men. It took another 300 plus years to bring about the rise of Islam. The Roman Catholic Church was behind the formulation of the Islamic religion. And on and on it goes. So that today half the world population is subdued by the Abrahamic religions of the “Jews”, the Christians, and the Muslims. What a hellish mess we find ourselves in.

The “Jews” in this instance are not Jews at all. Approximately 95% of the folks who call themselves Jews in Israel are not Jews. They Ashkinazi people, people from the Caucasus mountain region. They call themselves Jews as a cover story, so that they can use the real story of the Jews as a mask to use whenever they see fit.

Have you ever heard of “anti-semitism”? This is where it came from. The real Jews know this is a lie. The real Jews follow their bloodline back through Biblical times. They know this is all a lie and they fight back to teach people the truth of this matter. But without much success. But they know the truth. And even though there is no god, they still have the right to believe what they want. The same with Christians and Muslims. But the myth of Jesus Christ and the painful story of the last real prophet Muhammad need to be exposed for what they are. Total lies.


It’s kind of interesting, the amount of people that have come to look at this page. It seems you’re either interested in sex or your not. But what is strange is how those who are not interested in sex keep coming back to see and read what I have just written. Those who are interested in what is on these pages, keep coming back, again and again, and are honest, wholesome, and viable human beings. The others who keep coming back but have no interest in sex, are those who have been indoctrinated with religion.

It’s really kind of sad state of affairs, when those who want to enjoy sex, but find it disgusting, cannot at all, leave their religiousness behind and just do what is normal and pure.


The lovely model in these pictures is enjoying the slight pain of the clothes pins, to heighten her experience with her sexuality. She wants to have an orgasm and counts on her assistant to take her to that place of erotic delight. Her pussy starts to ache after awhile as she nears orgasm. She is thankful for her assistants expertise in taking her to a place where orgasmic delight is waiting. She releases her throbbing cunt and experiences one blast after another of orgasmic delight. And her cunt can now relax and wait for her next bout of sexual content.


There’s a war going on in the Ukraine. This man is Chilean and lives in Ukraine. He gives a very complete and thorough breakdown of what is going on in the Ukraine, and is not at all what you hear on main stream media in the United States or Europe. He is not pro Russian or pro Ukrainian, … he just wants to report the truth. His website is:

The Russians went into Ukraine to destroy the Deep State neo-nazis, called the Azov Battalion. They have 26 to 30 biolabs in Ukraine. The Azov forces are locked and encircled in a cauldron move that the Russians did with there superior military vehicle. The Azov Battalion is killing Ukrainians and the Russians are desperately trying to save them from harm. It doesn’t happen that way always, but they’re trying to save as many as they can.

The Russians bought food and other supplies for the Ukrainian people. But the neo-nazis who were not encircled in the cauldron in eastern Ukraine, said they were Russian collaboraters when they tried to distribute the food and shot them. The Ukrainian military (the Azov side of it) are doing atrocities that have no limit.

The Bucha massacre this week, was also done by the Azov Battalion. These are many of the Ukrainians that the Azov said were Russian helpers and people of that supposed ilk, and so they shot them. They piled up their bodies in a random sort of setting, and said the Russians did it. This is another lie. Everything that the Ukrainian military is saying is a lie. That’s because they have actually lost the war already, and are hoping against hope that they can pull off some sort of miracle.





The USA Supreme Court will attempt to cancel Roe vs Wade. The war in Ukraine will now be floundering in the ashes because the war was being won by Russia. Not just a little bit by Russia, but a devastatingly brilliant defeat by Russian forces. Zelensky (the dope addict and alcoholic) has been paid his almost $1 BILLION dollar prize and is only acting out the show.

The war will now be denigrated to the shit show that it has now become and the USA, the EU, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and a few other countries will now focus on the “baby killing” and the new ruling that will come down. This will probably end with Justice Roberts abstaining and the courts will witness a tie. Thereby, totally destroying the need for such a vote. The only reason their having this farce of a vote is distract the west from the war which they have lost badly. The USA is financially wrecked. The EU is even lost to a further degree. Their sanctions have totally backfired on themselves. But of course, … that’s what Biden was working towards. Just to let the CCP (Chinese Communist Party), make its way to overtake the hypnotized state of America and to be overrun.

So they will just continue to kill babies. Murder of the innocent children. This heinous crime just shows how depraved the abortion lovers are. When a country becomes so depraved as to enter into the mindset of killing off their own children, it just shows how absolutely corrupt and degenerate they have become.

The degenerates say that it is their body and their choice. Maybe so. But it also just shows how horribly low minded and despicable they have become … so that they just want to kill the baby inside of them. To call them degenerates is not harsh enough. They are fucking morons.

The USA is a country, founded by mostly Freemasons. That should tell you everything you need to know about the elite that live and thrive in this deeply entranced nation. The whole country and the poor individuals who live in this country have been duped. And duped badly. They call the USA the land of the free. I beg to differ. They are a religious hodge-podge of absolute nonsense.

You cannot convince an American of there secret society founding as an act of “hell”, … but it is. America, and for that matter, Canada, were founded for the simple philosophical idea of creating a devastating creation that would bring us, and the world, to a place of absolute stupidity. So, … here we are. In the grip of a hellish experience and an insane population that has totally lost any hope of grasping reality, even to the slightest degree.



Religion is a dastardly entity. Religious people will speak atrocities that seem like … “Jesus Christ … it must be the truth … because they just said it with all the authority of the godhead”. Fuck that noise!

When you hear these stupid fucks say things like “the ancient Romans were a deviant bunch of sexual fucks”. No they weren’t! They just understood the need, in a very natural sense, to fuck and to be fucked. Nothing hard about that. It was before the Christian Church came along with their “damnation” talk and totally fucked up men and women and their desire for sexual intimacy. Everything about the Christian Church is a total disaster for everything in the world today.

Like, this thing with ROE v WADE. It sounds like the Christians in the world are all against doing the killing of babies. But, they never broadcast the message that they are telling you about a fanciful god who loves you, and wants you to be a part of his kingdom. What a bunch of bullshit! There is no god, there is no second coming of a prince, there is no kingdom, … it is all just a creation of many centuries of hogwash, designed to lead you into stupidity.

The killing of babies is just a result of Christians talking they’re bullshit, and turning people off with their propagandist nonsense, and eventually decide, that … for better or worse, abortion is justified. Abortion is, for all its worth, just a less destructive and wicked event over all. Just get it on. BUT … Abortion is not a religious issue. Abortion is a deed that is so despicable, so grotesque, so without conscience, it is way beyond a religious issue.

The ancient Greeks as well. They were not a bunch of sexual deviants. Before religion got a hold of them, they just knew that fucking and being fucked was just the way of life. The ornaments they made, consisting of erect penises and sexual intercourse, were just the awareness that they had of the nature of intimacy. They might not have ever fucked too much or too little. They just wanted those sexual objects there, the paintings, the penises, etc. … just to remind them continually of the most pleasant of exercises that you could do. Nothing hard about that.

And so here we go … ROE v WADE being overturned maybe. All the religious zealots will dance with glee when it happens and many, many, unsuspecting fools will think it “was because of god”. No it wasn’t! It was because the USA had to be subjected to the one more nonsensical issue which will lead to their destruction.

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  1. All 29 comments are visible on the first page, on both phone and laptop.

    Btw., in an attempt to inform randomly, I had some fun making a tiktok channel –

    Despite my fragile ego, I am open for critique and suggestions.

    Timothy – I may add you on facebook to see if we can brainstorm some online business.

    Marquise – Yea, I am sure they get to experience some of their own tricks. I agree that the information will survive with us.

    Bryan – What about the westcoast eqs? It is in relation to those, that I imagined the dam could suffer.

    1. Kim – the west coast earthquakes could do something but I just don’t see that happening at the moment. Anything could happen later on but for some reason I just don’t see much happening there. I’m more inclined to see something happen in Oregon … you know … Tower One. It was struck first ya’ know.


  2. Marquise – just let me know which print you might like and I’ll see if I have one still in stock.

    Take care, Bryan

  3. Copenhagen Denmark seems to have a very easy positive atmosphere. I think it is related to lockdowns being over, and covid seemingly out of the narrative. Also a sense of unity by cheering for the believed picture of an abused philosophical mirror image fighting back against big bad Russia, partially thanks to our help, and a reminder of how good and resilient the western commercial religion is.

    Mentioning the commercial, I believe Gerald is a commercial. I may be wrong, but usually when it’s some generic unrelated writing, and the website linked by the name is something like buyproxies, it’s spam.

    It is interesting reading some of these comments, as similar notions, or abstract knowledge that doesn’t come from thinking, beliefs or ideas, at times linger in my mind. For example it seems as though ignoring, taking a left turn because it feels more as a flow than following the screaming of a rational thought, actually destroys, prevents and fucks with their plans. I had inner visions of bizarre battles of color and shapes, at times even waves of creatures/beings being “taken out” and disappearing into nothing. I also at times had inner scenarios or stories flash by, that then later manifests somewhere somehow, and is then shown in the media. I assume this is picking up on something brewing in the moment where it’s sensed, then manifesting at a later moment. The supernatural benefit of paying attention to one moment that is always there before any of this shows up before our eyes?

    Did anyone notice that paper silver has increased dramatically after the rubble got backed by gold, while paper gold to physical remains at 110:1 As of this writing the ratio between physical silver and paper silver is 345:1

    Brayn what is your current take on the hoover dam coming into play? I felt as though the many stories about dam issues throughout the world the past couple of years were meant to take focus and or intensity away from the hoover dam.

    1. Kim – talking about the Hoover Dam is something I have run into a few times. I don’t know what might happen there. But as for me on a personal note, I get the feeling that nothing will happen there. I don’t know, but the whole area is going to probably go into a severe drought and the water (for one thing), will probably not be an issue as it all starts to dry up. As for child trafficking and all that going on there, I don’t think there’s actually any of that going there. We’ll have to wait and see.


  4. Marquise – well spoken. The Christian religion is the downfall of America. We all hope for Trump … or someone “better” than Trump to stand up and do something. But because of the Christian religion the country will just continue believing in Jesus (who doesn’t exist) … and be completely obliterated in the meantime. The closest thing we have to a real statesman at the moment is Putin. He has BALLS! He’s destroying the Nazis in Ukraine and that’s a very good thing. He’s an orthodox Christian, but with real feel for what needs to be done. Trump, or the whole of American society (practically), are just waiting for Jesus to come and save them. What a fuckin’ ignorant view to take.


  5. Hi Kim – yes indeed. Take all the available information to attempt to show people the Truth. They usually will not accept it, … but at least try. But the whole while keep your sexual mindset focused on the moment. Be a wise owl and look to your inner being and your knowing of what is right and wrong. Do it!

    I think your description of what is happening was pretty well stated. So I’m publishing it. The whole narrative spoken of by these “devils” is so all encompassing, that anything you say against them will be correct. Enjoy being a device against these cowards and morons.

  6. Hi Marquise – There’s just this moment, … and no other moment beyond this one. We don’t plan on getting on our knees and fighting like a bitch. We have already won, for more than a decade now. People like you are going to help bring this globalist cunt to its knees. Fight like a man. But do it so the powers that be don’t know you’re doing. Be wise like a serpent and harmless as a dove. A dove that is so fucking powerful and wise that they don’t have a clue about you or anything you do.

    Be angry, be furious, for all those wicked things that they do to the children, and the men and women. Look for anything that you know will bring them to their knees. Fight like a man! Keep your sex forefront in your mind. Think of your sex as your driving force and recognition of what it is that they’re doing in their wickedness. Keep your sexual appetite close to your side. It will not let you down. Look at the western world and the mess its in. All because they have a religious view of things and their going to trust Jesus to come and save us all. And the stupid concept of Jesus does not even exist. Not for a moment or a day. It is all stupid fucking nonsense!

    Thanks for reading the blog so faithfully. There’s a lot of Truth in those pages. But there’s also about 90% just fishing for the Truth. But it’s all turning out okay, so away we go, and destroy these crazy cock suckers.

  7. I want to play devil’s advocate for a moment. If a man dies on the spot for his children, and or woman, then these children, and or woman, will be alone with the threat. Is being clever about a situation, or moment, not beyond specific roles? If I am to take this 3D mist seriously again for a moment, It seems the best thing to do in these moments; is to save and share the increasingly available documentation showing the planned coordination and corruption of aspects of the world’s widely entrenched deep state. But this is already being done by passionate men and women, beyond me. Besides that aspect, it seem the ones who are religiously indoctrinated into believing a specific narrative, are unlikely to change their minds even when all this documentation and proof comes out in legal processes and via wartime dominans of the arrogant and foolish chess players. So to me, it seems as though, yes, this is all collapsing in on itself, leading to chaos, but the best thing is still to watch and wait with no emotion, direct interaction or opinion. Then maybe this that you write is another aspect of fishing for truth, catching attention that is not mine, in which case I imagine or hope you will not approve this comment.

  8. I’ve read your blog and almost checked back daily for over a decade now.

    One thing that’s always stuck out, is in your first few pages you said EVERYONE is wittingly or unwittingly lying to you, including yourself.

    The past two years have been exceedingly eye opening, to degrees I already knew existed, but it didn’t undo the shock of it all. I just knew I had to be ready when it began to come to pass.

    Thank you for taking your time to search for the truth with us, and to be open about how we can also be okay with such an idea having no actual existence in this physical plane.

    There is nothing beyond this moment!
    Now are we going to get on our knees, pray, and die like a bitch?…or stand on our own two and fight like men?

    I decided on 3/15/2020 that I don’t need to react to be a man. I am ANGRY. FURIOUS, even, about what they are doing to the children of this world, and the men and women who mean well and think they are doing the right thing. This is autonomous instinct.

    Pretty soon, my ferocity will multiply into infinite shades, shapes, colors, and sounds, that the people of the world make up.

    I remember one portion of the blog that always gave me comfort… They have already lost.

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