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The links below describe in clear detail how the start of Christianity came about.






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July 23,2022 – Show Your Support

Saturday 23th July Rally in Amsterdam. Farmers demonstration with massive support from the people.





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  1. Kion – All of everything can only go one way. The system is collapsing. And even though I didn’t name a lot of specifics and just how they’re unfolding. the jist of total collapse was more than obvious.


    1. Speaking of collapse – could it be because the citizens of donetsk are more western and social media wise, and thus would gain a greater social impact if they stayed and understood the situation. I of course mean no offence to anyone, it’s merely amateur wartime speculation. Perhaps based on false assumptions, but still another example of the broader descent of things.

    2. Seriously fuck this system. I’m tired of being a zog drone, and I don’t think a “fair” multipolar world is any better. We’re still going to have money, leaders, bosses etc, why not just go to hell with all this bullshit ?

    3. Hey Bryan haven’t heard from you in a while. Did you hear about the volcanic eruption in Iceland? All followed by thousands of earthquakes that have been building up for a while. I believe the volcano in Iceland plays a big part in the luciferian agenda, that being the subliminal that ICEland is on FIRE. Further establishing the global warming scenario which is happening at a rapid pace, that of course that the ICE CAPS are melting.

      1. Kion – I’ve been trying to follow the events of the day. Very strange things going on. As for Iceland being highly symbolic with its goings on, … just remember that Iceland is 66 degrees N. What more do you need to know!


          1. Kion – The Central Banks around the world will start to collapse. The US bullshit will blow up in their face. This will start in extreme fashion starting this month. Russia will make further moves with China to bring the lying US as a nation to naught. If you live in a big city … GET OUT! Europe will escalate in their collapse and multitudes of people will freeze to death this winter or starve. People will also be starving en masse in the US and Canada over the next couple of years. The vaccine deaths will escalate for the rest of this year and then take off like crazy next year. Canada, working through the nazi Trudeau, will continue doing their fascist nazi takeover of the country. This will work alongside what the US and Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum want done. Just like they’re controlling Zellensky in the Ukraine. The 46 biolabs in the Ukraine are now revealed by Putin to be the scource of the Covid crap. Russia will, within the next few weeks, win the Donbass war in the Ukraine and will then turn their attention to de-nazifi other places in Europe and especially in the US. The US is a fascist nazi controlled state. There’s no such thing as democracy .

            These are just some of the things that are going to unfold. Prepare!


          2. Bryan – Oh yes, It does appear that Russia and China are planing an invasion of America. If they pull this off Russia will take Canada and China the lower 48. The US has been infiltrated. Here is an interview with J.R. Nyquist that will go into more detail.
            “Watching and Waiting”


  2. Hey Brian, some interesting new events are starting to unfold (well, have been starting for a while now) but I think it’s all coming to fruition and it’s more than obvious. Did you hear about the record heat wave in Europe, in particular, France , Spain and the UK? It’s scorching over there (and here as well in the US). There have been reports of roads literally melting and over 1000 people are feared dead. Also, Spain just recorded a record high of 116. Quite an interesting number, of course, flipped vertically reads the number 911. What are your thoughts ?

        1. Kim – The Climate Change fuck up courtesy of their geo-engineering chemtrails and all the other things that they are polluting the planet with.


          1. Bryan it’s all coming together now. The three headlines on fauxnews reads recession, border crisis, and Kentucky flood. She is coming for her bride, everything you said in the blog is coming into fruition.

      1. Kim – The World Economic Forum is now totally fucked. The Deep State is going down courtesy of Putin and the Russian military. Its still going to be a terribly tough fight for a few years, but the sides are now established and the corrupt entities are going down.


    1. Kion – The heat is terrible over there. But it also, like you say, it’s really hot in the US. Look at Lake Mead. The water level is extremely low. Almost non-existant. Did you also hear about the $1 billion tunnel that they dug from Las Vegas all the way to go under Lake Mead to leak the water out of the reservoir and take to Las Vegas. It seems the Swamp in DC is doing everything to end the production of food in the USA. No water … no food. And then their burning down all food production farms and the food factories. They’ve even kicked up the date to destroy all food producing things in the world. Not 2030 any more. It’s NOW … it’s TODAY … that they’re trying to pull off their nut busting policies! Stupid fucktards.

      1. And everyone just idly sits by watching this all unfold right in front of there eyes. How much longer until we say it’s enough and I get Putin is doing a lot but I think we the people need to take action on our own terms and get rid of these cocksucking bastards for good. My patience is running thin!

        1. Kion – Actually, what Putin is doing is on our terms. It will take a strong military to lead the way and we will follow. It might actually hit us in various ways for us to pick our butts and join the fight in various ways. But remember, this has been going on for about 6,000 years. The Khazarian Mafia, the Deep State, the elites, have had a hold on us for a hellish long time. It’s going to take a few years, but its over for them. The next couple of years will probably be the hardest, but then it will start to ease up as we all, over the whole world, go back to a fair, multi-polar world.


          1. It’s amazing isn’t it. This is how it all goes down. I would have never imagined it to end up like this but I’ve always liked Putin and I knew he was different. Today , Putin literally mentioned that the west is over .

          2. Kion – It’s going to get tough but we will make it through to the other side. Putin is a brave fellow. So is Lavrov and a whole slew of the Russian people in charge. It is very strange how this is all unfolding, but that’s life. You just never know what’s coming next.


  3. Honestly Brian I’m a bit confused. Everything that your saying about Ukraine and Putin I don’t see how this has anything to do with all that you’ve written in the blog. So no earthquake and no Armageddon because of Putin? With all the evidence that you put in starting to wonder if I got punked.

    1. Kion – It has everything to do with destroying the corruption in the world. There will probably still be an earthquake and Armageddon is a surety because its already taking place in its initial and medium stages. Putin doesn’t understand the deep significance of what he’s doing he just knows he has to protect the Russians living in the Donbass area. I always was of the opinion for about the last 3 years that Trump would have to step up and get the military going. But he didn’t. And he won’t. He is too weak and quite frankly he lies to his base all the time. He makes up stories that have no actual meaning in reality. But Putin wasn’t afraid. He’s right in the thick of it now. None of these people know what’s actually going on, but its everything I wrote about, except I just didn’t know how it would unfold. Now I do.


      1. It sure seems Bryan that President Putin is the only one to step up to the plate. I have had the greatest admiration since 2012 for President Putin. I had many High Visual dreams about him during that year and he has been prevalent still to this day in my admiration. will in Florida

        1. Will In Florida – Putin is changing the course of history in a massive way. What he has started in Ukraine will spread through the whole world. The Deep State is fucked. America is fucked! The EU is fucked real bad! Canada is even more fucked up than the lot of them. We are now a communist, fascist, dictatorial state. Trudeau will be going down in the near future. The truckers that were leading the Trucker Convoy this winter were put in jail way back then. Made up charges. Only one of the leaders got out of jail yesterday. One of the other leaders is still in jail. Trumped up charges again.


      2. There was a large Explosion in the electric turbine generator area at the base of the what used to be called ” Hoover Dam ” outside of Las Vegas, Nevada yesterday. This is another spot to keep one’s eye on in the story that you have helped to reveal Bryan. Things are becoming VERY INTERESTING don’t you think. The explosion did not cause major catastrophic damage but I feel it was a nudge in the tale. I’m so enjoying the Imatrix site of your’s today. Thank you and have a great evening, will in Florida

        1. Will In Florida – There’s no such thing as coincidence. Everything that happens more than ever. We’re really on the cusp of something right now, … and I actually believe we’re even in the middle of hellish events even now.


  4. Hey Bryan:

    No doubt that by 2024 and beyond, the world will become a dystopian nightmare. We are already in that state.

    The subliminal are strongly indicating the BIG ONE is due to occur, at some illusory moment.

    Nevertheless, I just watch and wait. There is little any one can do except beware of the historical patterns of totalitarian governments and history itself.


    1. Hadrian – The war in Ukraine is a game changer. Follow it closely. The country of Ukraine is Deep State central. Russia and Putin are taking the deep state down for good!


      1. How does this have anything to do with this so called end game luciferian plan. So Putin is gonna prevent the big one ?

      2. Absolutely Bryan…I strongly feel that the Ukelayee country next to Russia is ground zero for the most important location on the planet which had always been associated with Israel prior. The Kazarian pretend jews are the rulers of Ukelaylee and this spot of evil has been the cash cow of the Deep State in conjunction with Switzerland/City of London/District of Columbia and the USA Southern border. Ukelaylee is the place to watch for the real splitting of the atom to come. I hope your site can become a portal to really watch this show of shows that’s to come very soon I think. Please continue to add your thoughts and REVEAL to us Bryan. Your are So Needed at this time. will in Florida

        1. Will In Florida – “Ukelayee” is definitely ground zero. It is the very centre of Deep State happenings. I’ll be posting to the comments here for now. But as soon as I see something of interest I’ll post that amongst the girly pictures.


  5. Here is a little piece on plasma, and the scientific answer as to what thoughts are comprised of. As well as some info on hydrogen and helium. There are similar writings on my “fan”/“figuring out illuminatimatrix” blog linked by my moniker.

    Plasma (n.) “form, shape” “something molded or created,” hence “image, figure; counterfeit, forgery; formed style, affectation,” from plassein “to mold,” originally “to spread thin,” “flat; to spread.” Sense of “the liquid part of blood. In physics, the sense of “ionized gas” “mold or matrix in which anything is cast or formed to a particular shape”

    “What happens if the temperature of a gas is raised above temperatures that exist on the sun? As a gas’ temperature is raised to over 10,000°, its molecules collide so violently that they are broken apart into individual atoms. The negatively charged electrons are knocked completely off the atoms. It is at this point that the plasma state is reached.”

    “Plasma is superheated matter – so hot that the electrons are ripped away from the atoms forming an ionized gas. It comprises over 99% of the visible universe. In the night sky, plasma glows in the form of stars, nebulas, and even the auroras that sometimes ripple above the north and south poles.”

    So if we intensify the temperature of something above that of the surface of the sun, the sol, soul – the something then changes into a small scale technical demonstration of what is occurring with 99% of the visible universe, a 3D plasma hologram that either has to, or just mirrors its own structure into its function. Or it’s merely a demonstrable glitch as the double slit experiment, which can be replicated at home with a laser pointer and some cardboard.

    Plasma is more like a gas than any of the other states of matter because the atoms are not in constant contact with each other, but it behaves differently from a gas. It has what scientists call collective behaviour. This means that the plasma can flow like a liquid or it can contain areas that are like clumps of atoms sticking together.

    Plasma in space seeded with dust particles takes on a 3D structure that arranges itself as galaxies or surrounding a void. If the structure is cryogenically frozen, a 3D representation of a dna strand appears. On earth, gravity (electromagnetism?) squeezes the plasma flat. This russian video with english subtitles is a highly recommended watch.

    At the same time in space, the plasma curtain we perceive appears flat and at eye-level, but inside, away from whatever space is, all appears to be 3D. Symbolic mirror of behaviour.

    In the video linked below, you can see how the horizon stays flat and at eye level, even when seen from space. It’s always at eye level because it is some type of visual analogy for what is really occurring. The centered holographic output is all there is, from a technical perspective. This is not meant to sound depressing or cold, this is just some circumstantial evidence as to why it actually makes more sense to be free to have some fun with and enjoy this no matter what we go through in this one moment full of illusions of time.

    Plasma lasers are used to produce holograms.

    So we always see the horizon. Horus, the god of the sky, whos eye of horus symbol is repeated in the masonic “eye of providence”, is always at eye level, the horizon.

    “When a dense sheet of electrons is accelerated to almost the speed of light, it acts as a reflective surface. Such a ‘plasma mirror’ can be used to manipulate light.”

    Here is a plasma mirror.

    Sonoluminescence is also an interesting technical demo when it comes to the philosophical mirroring of what seems to be occurring in our mind. Many if not most ancient religions speak of primordial waters of chaos. Chaos, the opposite of rules and structure as we understand rules and structure.

    “Sonoluminescence is the emission of light from imploding bubbles in a liquid when excited by sound”

    What are thoughts made of?
    They’re really just electro-chemical reactions.

    Chemical reactions occur when chemical bonds between atoms are formed or broken.–of-life/chemical-bonds-and-reactions/a/chemical-reactions-article

    The Egyptian deity Atum was considered the finisher of the world, and the one who would return to watery chaos at the end of the creative cycle. The Egyptian deity Thoth was considered the creator of all knowledge, as well as maintainer of the universe. Thoths “grandfather” is Nu. Nu is the deification of the watery abyss that existed before all.

    All thoughts have words, all words have sounds, all sounds vibrate, vibration is energy, energy glows, glowing is light, as the double slit demonstrates; light is a wave, a wave is caused by vibration/disturbance (remember sonoluminescens)

    Speaking of light – “Human life begins in bright flash of light as a sperm meets an egg, scientists have shown for the first time, after capturing the astonishing ‘fireworks’ on film.”

    A little sun and water symbology – William Prout suggested that: “hydrogen was the fundamental primary matter from which all substances were composed – the proto hyle proposed by ancient Greek philosophers like Thales”

    Recently A team of astronomers discovered a “Swarm of hydrogen clouds flying away from center of our galaxy”

    Hydrogen has the atomic number of 1 and the word is derived from the greek word for water. Helium has the atomic number of 2 and the word is derived from the greek word for sun.

    And apparently helium shares a law with black holes – “A team of scientists has discovered that a law controlling the bizarre behavior of black holes out in space—is also true for cold helium atoms that can be studied in laboratories.”

    1. Kion – They’re plan has already failed. The coming years will almost feel like a cataclysm, but we’ll make it through. The next 2 years will be really bad. Then the next 5 or so years will lighten up a bit. So, hang in there.


  6. Hey Brian I was wondering if I could help continue the blog I’m an avid follower and have read your blog almost every day. I also wanted to point out huge subliminally today regarding the stock market. The Dow closed at 30,630.17 30= 03 = 3 . 7+1+3 = 11. 3+ 6= 9 = 9-11! The Dow also dropped 142. 62. 1+4+2+6+2 equals 15 the number of the deity. A lot of 3+ eqs are happening in California and the whole 11 western states is popping off. I feel it is coming soon.

    1. Kion – I’ve moved on from writing much on the blog for the most part. We’re now in the most terrible time of the crisis in the world and it’s just going to get worse by the day. The blog served its purpose for 16 years and now it’s time to move to the real issues which have developed and are developing which will bring about the total collapse of the deep state and there corrupt entities. It may take a couple of years, but we’re well into now. Just keep watching places like the Duran, Alex Christoforou, Alexander Mercouris, Robert Barnes, The Military Summary channel, The New Atlas, along with many others, etc. … and you’ll be able to follow along with how the collapse of the EU and the United States are well on there way to fulfillment.

      Thanks for the offer though.


      1. I really miss your entries on your website Bryan. You have had such an huge effect on the world in ways you may not be aware of. I think you would help uplift many of your followers who also are feeling overwhelmed by the negativity the ” Rat Bastards ” on the forefront of today’s world stage radiate with their evilness. So here’s hoping you might gain uplift in doing so. This is the first time I’ve ever communicated with you in the MANY years that I have followed you on your site. And I feel better as a result. As the Mass Majority of humans I have contact with are totally clueless as to what’s going on currently on the planet surface this spot that you offer is the only spot I have any way to converse with others of like mind even if it’s only via a comment. I thank you so BIG for your work Bryan, will in Florida

        1. Will In Florida – Thanks for the kind words Will. But there has been a big shift in world events so I’m trying to keep up with it. We’ll see what happens shortly … probably starting in August or September. Then when we hit the New Year all hell is going to let loose.


  7. Someone did something to the Georgia Guidestones, possible explosion with what looks like minor damage as a result. The destruction came day after CERN ran at highest energy, and the day before 7/7, the 188th day of year with 177 days left. The explosion today is also 111 days before the next solar eclipse occurring October 25th.

    Photo of destruction –

    Video from Georgia Guidestones –

    “the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) detectors started recording high-energy collisions at the unprecedented energy of 13.6 TeV”

    Mrqs Moody if you reading, check you facebook.

    1. Yeah I saw that too, Bryan what are your thoughts on what’s going on in the world right now ? Are we close to the big one ?

      1. Kion – We’re right in the middle of the DS goings on. It’s not a thing of wondering when it will all start … it has started a while back and we’re going to experience hell for a few years. As for the “big one” coming soon it could happen at anytime. But with all the illegals coming across the border by the millions, I’m beginning to wonder if this is the “big one” that is represented by all the suggestions of an “earthquake”. Keep watching this invasion. Somehow I get the feeling that it might be the “Big One”.

        As for the GG’s explosion, there is a comment I saw that it was probably an inside job because it let people know to clearly what their plan ultimately is. The explosion was on CCTV so why aren’t the “exploders” ultimately recognized on camera, if indeed, it was an inside job. No real word of who did it. Keep watching.

        1. Interesting, well in your blog you mentioned that the migrant invasion is part of the Armageddon event and that the illegals will be sacrificed by the big one earthquake. Also, lots of shaking going on in the western states lately! Before it was just Cali but now it’s expanded to Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Texas, and New Mexico! I feel that something big will happen. Also about the Georgia guidestones maybe it was also a sign that the plan is set to be initiated at a rapid pace ?

          1. Kion – That’s just one more sign that something really big and actually, predictable, is about to happen. Hang on to your hat.


        2. Interesting that you say that. But in the blog you extensively saw evedince that there was a crack on the foundation stone and all the other subliminal stuff that obviously allude to an earthquake. In your blog you said the migrant invasion will be sacrificed to the big one. Tbh i don’t see how Putin has anything to do with stopping this because he’s still in the trance state.

          1. Kion – There’s still a crack on the foundation stone. We’ll have to wait to see how it plays out. There’s going to be a sacrifice of some kind so just hang in there. Whether someone is in the trance state or not makes not a bit of difference as to whether they get used to doing something tremendous or not. Putin is the leader of a great, energetic, and moral country (more or less). That is way more that can be said for almost any nation on earth in this time were in.


        3. I remember we spoke on the phone last year and you said that a lot of people are going to die in 2022 and it’s happening a lot of my friends have gotten sick and alot of celebrities are passing away. Also Justin Bieber got his face paralyzed and we got this hole monkey pox epidemic. You think this is all from the jab ?

          1. Kion – Yes, it’s all from the jab. They’re filling our bodies with so much AIDS infection, that it will leave everyone vulnerable for years, until they die. The researcher who worked on the development of the AIDS virus was Anthony Fauci, in Fort Dietrich Maryland. We shouldn’t blame the Chinese government for the AIDS virus, it was Anthony Fauci working with the Chinese Communist Party who gave Fauci all the means with which to create the “covid” flu. It was then the AIDS virus in its many forms, that was given through the vaccines, the is going to kill millions. The Chinese government doesn’t really understand what the CCP and Fauci are doing and have done. But that too will be made known.



      2. Kion – There is a Big One taking place right now. It includes the migrant issue on the southern border, but it could easily include the EQ. Believe me, a major EQ to wipe out all this invasion crap could easily happen. However, at the moment, they’re moving all of these migrants throughout the US, so there not necessarily in California, Oregon, or Washington State any longer. Something else is underway.


        1. It’s amazing to see what’s happening in the world, so many deep state players going down all in one month macron, Boris Johnson , Sri Lanka president, Ukraine, it’s all coming down hard on the deep state players. However is this what the deepest state wants to achieve ? To me , Trump will rise as the messianic figure at the head of a one world order after all the destruction and chaos that’s already happening now but will culminate at the battle of Armageddon

          1. Kion – Yes and No! The deep state thought they had a plan that would do the deed, … but the
            “Thought Process” took over. The deep state are so fucking stupid and ignorant to anything that’s going on. They thought they knew what was happening but then … a turn in the road. You see, the “Thought Process” is that thing that is bigger than big. It controls everything and anything that thinks it can do things its own way. This shows otherwise.


          2. Kion – I get the feeling that the “Trump” aspect won’t really account for anything when this all goes down.


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