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Frotting and Circle Jerk Gay Pictures and Photos
Frotting and Circle Jerk Gay Pictures and Photos
Frotting and Circle Jerk Gay Pictures and Photos
Frotting and Circle Jerk Gay Pictures and Photos

Frotting and Circle Jerk Gay Pictures and Photos



Men and women, woman and woman, man and man … sex comes in a lot of different packages.



There is no such thing as gay or lesbian or bisexual.

Transgenderism is butchery to the human psyche.

We are all just sexual beings. We love to fuck in whatever way we choose. And at different times we will choose to fuck or not to fuck anything we see fit.



– SEX Of Every Description Was Normal In Different Areas.


– Sex Was Almost Taboo.

… sinful, and cynically speaking, … only decent if you fucked in the missionary position.





The Wickedness Of Christianity Has Consumed The Western World

The links below describe in clear detail how the start of Christianity came about.






The Dutch Flag

July 23,2022 – Show Your Support

Saturday 23th July Rally in Amsterdam. Farmers demonstration with massive support from the people.



A Fair World Order … A New Multi-polar World

The End Of The World Economic Forum Is Right Before Us.

The War In Ukraine Is The War Against Tyranny And The Deep State.

The Elite and TPTB Are Going Down.


Russia Has Initiated The End Of The Corruption And Lies Of America And The EU


Stopping The Robbery And Power Over Our Paycheque

Whenever you buy something


Put an end to digital money … the money we spend with our credit card and the money they’re going to try create … CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currencey)

Frotting and Circle Jerk Gay Pictures and Photos
Frotting and Circle Jerk Gay Pictures and Photos
Frotting and Circle Jerk Gay Pictures and Photos
Frotting and Circle Jerk Gay Pictures and Photos
Frotting and Circle Jerk Gay Pictures and Photos
Frotting and Circle Jerk Gay Pictures and Photos
Frotting and Circle Jerk Gay Pictures and Photos
Frotting and Circle Jerk Gay Pictures and Photos


Frotting and Circle Jerk Gay Pictures and Photos
Frotting and Circle Jerk Gay Pictures and Photos
Frotting and Circle Jerk Gay Pictures and Photos
Frotting and Circle Jerk Gay Pictures and Photos
Frotting and Circle Jerk Gay Pictures and Photos
Frotting and Circle Jerk Gay Pictures and Photos
Frotting and Circle Jerk Gay Pictures and Photos
Frotting and Circle Jerk Gay Pictures and Photos

44 Replies to “BLOG”

  1. 6.6 Tawain Mary the See/ Sea . Getting ready to go, West Coast, that part of the Pacific really quiet. Like Bryan has said in his blogs from ago. Been studying since I came across, this blog since 2008. He’s been spot on. Like he said horrific event’s in short order. 22 , the Marriott , California , Octagon, Delta Wing, Sol,O, Mon. With the Queen ,death that was a Major Signal. Plus other things behind, the scenes. I know what Bryan said about Europe, but the United States the big Enchilada. As Bryan has said all along. The Foundation Stone , Solomon Temple. Hold on.

  2. I want to draw attention to some of the bizarre numeric connections in this holographic soap. This is not so much about my work, this example is just a little more obvious and recent than some of the other examples featured on my blog about different numeric connections, such as economic happenings in history hitting 777, as well as some rap concert with many dead occurring 666 months and 6 days after establishing the Church of Satan.

    This is from my facebook post introducing my blog about the “technical aspect of this” as well as odd themed numbers between the various happenings, here referencing one of my latest blog posts.

    Added March 21st 2022 – As mentioned near the bottom of this post, we are being fed a story of “biblical end-times”. 10th of August 2019 I wrote on the blog that “civil war, wars in general, as well as economical, geo-political, social and overall humanitarian issues.” will occur – 3 months 22 days later, covid patient zero came about – 2 years 2 months and 23 days after covid patient zero, WW3 began with Russia moving in to Ukraine. As of now, WW3 is mostly information warfare, just as covid was. I am not implying the decease or the atrocities in Ukraine wasn’t and isn’t happening – I am merely stating that covid was, and ww3 is, for now, mostly information warfare. As also mentioned near the bottom of this post, Skull & Bones’ famous secret number is 322. They also like to reverse, mirror on turn upside down, hence 223. 322 divided by 2 is 161. A numerical/symbolical anagram of 911. August 31st the Pope claimed that we are experiencing world war 3. Today, Biden bassically declared some type of war on a pretty huge part of the American population. This was 3 years 22 days since my August 10th 2019 post. And before this, there has been much talk of less food and no energy, failing markets etc. Opinions has split us, opinions that didn’t come from us, but often via their media and biased experts. Too bad so much science and knowledge isn’t much more than potentially flawed or divisive believes.

    Some will say that when you have so much happening, these numbers are bound to occur, and we find what we look for. I however feel that this lays a little beyond that, and hopefully it can help some realise what we actually deal with, and just act accordingly.

    I have a small theory that seems correct, I would love to hear your input.

    People can be categorised as cats and dogs towards people? Some of course are predators to various degrees, but all with paths to the current behavioural pattern and believed identity. Paths they often for many when it mattered, had little to no control over.

    So as cats, either they come to you and test you, and evaluate on a somewhat continuous basis, or as dogs where they are just there for you no matter how weird or nonsensical you are. With variations of both dog, cat and predator behaviour. Pure consciousness reacting to this and developing strategies.

    Consciousness reacting as either animalistic or such as the more complex dynamics of human emotion and advanced ability.

    Basically we are all human until we are not. But we _are_ not, so it’s all good. Stick with the moment, and observe the horizon knowing it’s an interactive, at times challenging, soap with no purpose other than to steal our focus and provoke us. It’s our “job” to enjoy it, I hope that makes sense. We may as well get the best out of all of it while this undergoes its metamorphosis.

    1. 96 year old queen elizabeth died yesterday, 8th of September.

      She was born 21st of april 1926.
      Prince the musician died 21st of april 2016 –
      333 weeks before the queen died.
      She also died 7667 days after 911 01. 110 days before 27th of december 2022, which is 7777 days after 911 01.

      Some hours after Prince the musician died, a rainbow appeared over his estate –

      Shortly before queen elizabeths death was announced, a rainbow appeared over buckingham palace –

      Besides the numeric connections that often seem to find me only for me to double check, I don’t have any insight or knowledge as to what this means, other than it seems to be how this functions, like computer code has to be a specific way for specific computed scenarios to occur and function. In this case, symbolic anchor points in the holographic energy illusion occurring in this one now. Perhaps this is already pointed out in the illuminatimatrix blog and I forgot or suppressed.

      I would like to hear opinions or analysis as to what this 333 rainbow prince queen death hints at or could mean.
      The 110 7777 also seems to be of high symbolic relevans.

          1. Kion – I’m just watching things now. A lot of horrific things are going to start occurring real soon.


          2. Kion – We’re entering into a time of sacrificial events. The Queen’s death was really the rollout of symbolic times. We can’t see it, can’t hear it, can’t feel it, NOTHING … but all things are going to roll out right on cue. What we need to do in all of this. When you go to buy something for example, … use cash. Not a credit card. Be productive. Do things. Be a stick in the mud towards the World Economic Forum and Klaus Schwab. They’re trying to kill every last one of us. Especially the white people. That’s why Europe and the US are right in the sights of these fuck heads. They want us to simply fold, give up, don’t do anything productive. Then they feel free to eliminate us and give they’re world order to more obedient folks. Not using a credit card when you have to buy stuff will totally throw a wrench in their CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency). They will not be able to track where you spend your money, and WILL NOT BE ABLE TO STOP YOU FROM SPENDING.

            These are little things but will be extremely potent as it gains traction.


        1. Bryan – Are you referring to the breaking of the trance state or the death illusion and the reconnection to our Original Wisdom and Paradise state?


          1. Kevin – The two things you mention are exactly the same. So I can’t say one from the other. But please do watch the things that are going to take place in short order.


        2. Yea, what are we talking, eq’s, nukes, aliens? Are you all good after being under the weather btw.?

          A few more numbers surrounding elizabeths death. 77 years 7 days after the end of ww2. 911 days after who declared covid a pandemic. oh yea, and 1776 days after the very first “cue anon” post.

          1. Also this, Prince Phillip died 3 years 33 weeks after the total solar eclipse. Queen Elizabeth died 3 years 33 weeks after the total lunar blood moon eclipse.

          2. Kim – Yeah, … I’m doing okay but there’s so much stuff that’s going to unfold in short order. I have to just watch now. Try to catch whatever is going to happen soon.


          3. literally all those things are being suggested in endless fashion, it could be any one of them that triggers the next stage or it could be a geopolitical event. Rest assured, all those things WILL be in play at some point though.

            In fact, they just posted an article about how a lot of UFO’s are being actively observed over Ukraine. They are using special equipment to even see them, as they say they are moving at 15 kilometres per second(upwards of 5 miles a second, wow!)

            Glad to see we are awake and ready to rock. Many of the people that were supposed to lead us down the rabbit hole of confusion are actually much more awake to the reality “behind the reality” (archons, thought manipulators on a different dimensional wave-length) than we thought. I mean, the key ones that reach shitloads of people.

            – Marquis

          4. But from my perspective, we are >THIS< close to these fuckers having to go on the run.

            now, the Lancet, the same journal that quashed the lab leak theory of covid, is saying that it's more likely it leaked from a lab… a US lab…

            Obviously, they are trying to obfuscate the truth at every turn. If it came from a bat or "leaked" from a lab… it's an "accident."

            Googling/searching "China vaccine law" you will find in our Library of Congress( that China passed a law on June 29, 2019 to mass vaccinate the entire Chinese population that went into effect on December 1st, 2019. This law is a complete biometric track and trace authoritarian system, the same beast system that was and is being proposed in light of the fake covid 19 hoax. You can find the full text of this law on the Chinese Peoples Republic of China's National Peoples Congressional Website, HERE, in english:


            Now, keep in mind, 100+ FOIA request have been put to the same amount of gov'ts around the world to prove covid-19 exists. All of them either say they don't have the information requested or divert the question to that nations CDC(or ours) who then state they also don't have it.

            A sequence of the covid strain was patented by Moderna in 2016… the odds of this occurring naturally, while being patented years earlier, are almost 0(they might as well be a literal 0)… and supposedly, covid samples were found in Spains wastewater in March of 2019.

            The shedding from the shot is what came to be known as covid-19, imo.

            The best we can really hope, though, as this is probably too much of a mindbender for your average normie nowadays, is that they get really pissed off they were lied to about the vaccine in general or begin to believe it is a depopulation device.

          1. Kion – Lot’s of death. Endless death. A collapsing system in the EU in just a few short months. Then about a year or two later … the US and the “5 Eyes” spying group will collapse. 15% of the world runs the planet. The EU and the US. 85% of the world is now going to take over. And yes, … Trump will probably come back, and I would like him to … the only problem is … he will have no country to come back to. It’s more or less going to disintegrate by the time he may be ready to come back. I would absolutely enjoy his beautiful wife to return as first lady but I doubt all those things will mean anything shortly.


        3. Wow, right on cue on 9/11 a 7.7 mag earthquake struck papa New Guinea. Prior to this, Indonesia has been getting multiple 6.0’s for these past couple of days. Things are really heating up in the ring of fire, could this be foreshadowing for something more sinister in the making ?

          1. Exactly one week later(9/18) Taiwan is hit with 6.6 mag, +Japan is hit by “super typhoon” Nanmadol. Nanmadol seems to come from islet region of same name that belonged to indigenous nobility in times past. The ruling class of the time basically corralled the leaders of the regions in the location because it made them more controllable(sounds like DC). It is the earliest known example of “centralized power” in the West Pacific, and it is now fucking Japan up.

            The day after, for the third time [recorded] on the date 9/19(1985, 2017, and now 2022) Mexico is hit with an earthquake. (8.0, 7.1, 6.6)

            Puerto Rico leveled with hurricane Fiona, same date(9/19).

            Mexicans are going crazy on Twitter about how the Mayans are fucking with them still(ie, last days/end of the world vibes).

            Climate change catastrophe(weather wars) to further flood the United States?

            “Climate migration.”

        4. A lot of crazy things are happening at the moment, it’s so hard to keep up ! The economy is tanking hard, with the worst day since 2020. Things are about to get really horrific here, I feel like it’s gonna look like something out of a war movie. People are pisser off, quite frankly I am too. Trump has been now called the MAGA KING, with an obvious subliminal to Jesus.

          1. Trump now leaning into Q movement.

            If you’re following things, the special master appointed was also the one who greenlit the fake investigation on Trump through the fake FISA “courts.”

            Of course, this was on the basis of a supposedly edited email (lie).

            Basically, this judge will supposedly be reviewing the evidence about how the FBI lied to him to get the FISA warrant approved to spy on Trump, if Trump had “crossfire hurricane” docs at Winter White House. It makes for an interesting story at least, let’s see what happens.

          2. Source: TIME

            “In 2017, Dearie was among the FISA court judges who approved the FBI and Justice Department’s request to surveil then-Trump campaign foreign policy advisor Carter Page as part of its inquiry into potential Russian interference in the 2016 election. Two of four of those warrants were later declared invalid after a 2019 review by the Inspector General found errors and omissions in the applications to surveil Page.”

          1. All by strategic design. But here’s the rubb, they are not aware , they are doing the bidding of the hidden handlers entities , thought, which are carrying on thru the so called elites. All we be sacrificed for the Hidden Ultimate Plan. The Reset behind the elites reset . Very confusing , but as Bryan Blogs have provided the Subconscious Mind, doesn’t resonate with logic . We are so we think, to think rational, logically, it doesn’t work that way. Even though Wisdom the real reality knows it also. This Wishy-washy Mind Duality Windshield Wiper ,WWWW,23 non Existent Lite Beam show, a sham , illusion for what it is , smoke and mirrors. Answers what you just posted finally collapsing, just observe.

      1. Some more Queen Trump number correlation courtesy of this twitter account.

        Queen Elizabeth passed away exactly 666 weeks & 1776 days after Donald and Melania Trump’s Wedding Day, or 17 years, 7 months, & 17 days.

        The House of Windsor was founded 17/7/17.

        Freemasonry was founded in London in 1717.

        She died 1776 days after the sinister Q’s first post.

  3. Ronald Wilson Reagan (1212 in english gematria) once said to Mikhail Sergejevitj Gorbatjov (1818 in english gematria) “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall”.
    Mikhail Sergejevitj Gorbatjov died yesterday, 6660 days after the death of Ronald Wilson Reagan.

    I have no idea if it means anything, or hints at anything, but it seems interesting.

  4. Just today the shooting in Boaz and, Jachin ,Orion Oregon, Tower 1, of Sol O Mon Temple. And Horus Horizon Arizona, Tower 2. Also a shooting. Thought Suggestions Energy towards the intended trance induced target. It’s ramping up in the Trance induced State of ,2022 .

    1. 8 dead and 11 injured across the valley, 8 times 11 is 88= the number of the flood and total control. Also 3 dead in Oregon, simple number, but otherwise known to be subliminally seductive. The Number of the deity. The deep state are really going after trump in an insane fashion, the battle of Armageddon is at the ready

  5. Maggie and Kion – I uploaded your comments but they don’t want to register on the computer. Don’t know what’s wrong.


      1. Kion – There are a lot of things going on right now. All to do with the Ukraine war and Russia. There is a new multi-polar world forming. Ukraine is the deep state and elitist “headquarters”. Putin knew this and is going to end it, … or else they will surely try to end him. The EU is going to collapse. But before that all the southern nations around Indonesia, Central America, Argentina, and others are going to collapse first. Then the EU will crumble. I’m not talking about a couple of years. It could be just a couple of weeks or a couple of months. People in the EU and Britain are just trying to pay their power bill or buy food. The US will be the last to crumble. But it will be a doozy. What’s going on is that the end of these tyrannical fuck heads is on the make. Hang on to your hat. Get at least a couple of years food if you can. I’m serious. Things are falling apart even as I write this stuff. All the crazy things we were hoping would fail are failing. But it’s going to be a hellish time ahead. Get ready.


        1. It’s crazy. I agree. I’m in my twenties and it’s astounding and shocking to see the world the way it is. So much evil and corruption, it’s all gotta go. I feel that my generation will be the one to change the world and bring peace.

  6. Just today 8/8/22 (highly symbolic number 88) so many things are transpiring. Huge uptick in eqs in California and trumps home was just raided by the fbi today . Things are certainly heating up, the great battle is near.

  7. Bryan – Oh yes, It does appear that Russia and China are planing an invasion of America. If they pull this off Russia will take Canada and China the lower 48. The US has been infiltrated. Here is an interview with J.R. Nyquist that will go into more detail.
    “Watching and Waiting”


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